Help Bring Michael Easton (Silas) Back to GH

Who killed SilasWhen fans found out that Michael Easton’s character, Silas Clay had been written out of the show, GH executives received a lot of backlash from that decision. Easton is a long time ABC soap vet, gaining most of his popularity as John McBain from ABC’s One Life to Live.

When he joined the vast of General Hospital, Michael Easton reprised his role as John McBain from Llanview, only now then he resided in Port Charles. Due to legal issues between ABC and Prospect Park, GH was no longer allowed to use the name John McBain. Easton was then brought to the show, as the brother of Stephen Clay, from the GH spin off, Port Charles.

General Hospital rumor has it that co-stars such as Kelly Monaco (Sam Morgan), are very displeased with the way Easton and his character were written off the show. The buzz started at the General Hospital Fan Club Weekend in California, where people claim that Monaco expressed her dissatisfaction with losing Easton at GH.

It is now our chance to help get Michael Easton back to General Hospital as Silas. There is a petition with almost 8,000 signatures already. All we have to do is band together and sign, in hopes that TPTB will be able to bring this character back, despite the way the story for Silas was written under Ron Carlivati’s doings. Now that Carlivati has been let go from GH and Jean Passanante and Shelly Altman are taking over, there is possibility that we can get Silas back to Port Charles.

Please help us get Michael Easton back on General Hospital! CLICK HERE to sign the petition.

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