General Hospital Spoilers: Michael Easton’s Air Date Revealed

MichaelEastonLast week we learned that Michael Easton began taping again at Prospect Studios for his returning to General Hospital.

Michael Easton reached out to fans via his Facebook page, informing them of his return date to General Hospital, in a post that read… “And so it begins…”

General Hospital spoilers have revealed that Michael Easton will make his return debut on-screen this coming March 18th.

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Check out Easton’s Facebook announcement, below!


Posted by Michael Easton on Friday, February 26, 2016

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Will Kiki Die? Can Nina Save Her?

KikihospitalKiki Jerome is the daughter of Dr. Silas Clay (Michael Easton) and lady mobster Ava Jerome. Kiki was lead to believe that her father was dead almost her entire life. Shortly after arriving in Port Charles, Kiki was informed that her father was none other than the famous, psychotic artist, Franco (Roger Howarth). Shortly after that, Kiki discovered that her mother, Ava, was lying ti her yet again, and that her real father is Dr. Silas Clay. Kiki and Silas then began to slowly build a father-daughter relationship, only to have it ripped away Silas’ untimely death. Poor Kiki has been put through so much in regard to her parents, and now, there is one more thing that could take a toll on this girl.

Everyone wants to know if Kiki Jerome is going to survive this gunshot, or if Hayley Erin’s character is going to die. There has been no confirmation on whether or not Hayley Erin is about to leave the GH canvas, however, there has been a long running rumor that Kiki will have yet another discovery, this time, on her maternal side.


GH rumors have been swirling for over a year that perhaps Ava Jerome (Maura West) isn’t even Kiki’s mother after all. Since Nina (Michelle Stafford) was told she lost her baby when she went into a coma (induced by her own mother, Madeline Reeves), it’s highly likely that Madeline and Ava have another secret. GH rumors claim that Kiki is actually Nina’s, and what a perfect time to reveal such a thing as Kiki is fighting for her life as Ava grieves and worries for her “daughter.”

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Check out Hayley Erin’s Tweet regarding Kiki’s fate… her fate remains uncertain.


Silas Clay May Not be Returning to GH, Find Out the Big Twist

StephenClayThis week, GH’s Executive Producer, Frank Valentini made a HUGE announcement via social media. Frank and Michael Easton made a Vimeo short video, of Frank asking Michael to come back to General Hospital… Easton was quick to say yes.
However, although the majority of GH fans are ecstatic to learn this news and cannot wait for his return to General Hospital, some fans have been making noise about another character being brought back from the dead. Fans were quick to assume that because Michael Easton was returning to General Hospital, Silas Clay would be returning to Port Charles. It looks as though that may not be the case. TPTB over at General Hospital are keeping fans on their toes this coming Fan February.

Things may not be exactly as they seem…
Silas had a twin brother whose history went way back to General Hospital’s spin-off called Port Charles. When Michael Easton had to be re-introduced to GH, leaving the OLTL icon, John McBain behind, GH never really did tie up those loose ends with Clay’s evil twin, Stephen.

Who do you think Michael Easton will play when he makes his return to GH this February? Will he come back from the dead as Kiki’s father, Silas, her uncle Stephen, or someone new entirely?

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General Hospital Spoilers: Nina and Kiki Grow Closer

NinaKikimotherWhen Nina Clay first came to Port Charles she was there for one thing and one thing only, REVENGE. Her outlook on Kiki Jerome was a pretty grim one. Nina had it out for Kiki simply because she was the product of her husband Silas’ affair with Ava Jerome. Nina wanted so badly to be a mother to Silas’ child, but that was all taken away from her by her evil mother, Madeline Reeves.

As Franco and Nina make their way into Silas’ old apartment, Kiki is dealing with the aftermath of losing her father, and finding out her mom, Ava Jerome, and he boyfriend Morgan Corinthos had betrayed her. Franco has a soft place in his heart for Kiki. When she first came to Port Charles, Ava had told him that she was his daughter. Franco ended up growing loving feelings toward Kiki and now he feels the need to care for her and protect her as if she were his own.

It seems like Kiki has lost a lot in her life the past few months. She no longer has her boyfriend due to the fact her cheated on her with her mom, she doesn’t have a relationship with her mom, Ava, because of this, and her father was senselessly murdered by Madeline Reeves.


But what if…? What if Kiki is able to gain a family after losing hers? Sure, we know that Silas is her father and Franco isn’t, but what if Franco became a father figure to Kiki? We have been lead to believe that Silas cheated on Nina with Ava and Ava got pregnant. As the story was told, Ava got pregnant with Silas’ baby (Kiki) and Nina was in a coma for 20 years, all because her mom Madeline wanted to get Silas away from Nina. General Hospital rumors have claimed very early on that there is something wrong with this scenario. Fans believe that Madeline and Ava teamed up in order to get Silas away from Nina. GH rumors suggest that Madeline had Ava take Nina’s baby and claim it was her own. That in fact, Ava had never gotten pregnant by Silas. Could it be? Madeline has done some evil things to her own daughter Nina. Would she tell her that she lost her baby all while she was living with Ava Jerome this entire time? We think yes! Nina Clay could very well be Kiki’s biological mother. What do you think?

Michael Easton Answers General Hospital Rumors

SilasrumorAs the unforgettable John McBain from ABC’s One Life to Live, General Hospital fans embraced his Llanview character when he arrived in Port Charles. After some legal issues between ABC and Prospect Park, GH was forced to change Easton’s character’s name from John McBain. Michael Easton then became Dr. Silas Clay, and with some major re-writing, the GH team ended up making it work somehow.

Fans were shocked when Michael Easton was suddenly killed off of General Hospital as Dr. Silas Clay. Many petitioned to get him brought back, and now there are rumors swirling that Michael Easton is indeed coming back to General Hospital. However, Easton has confirmed that those rumors are completely false. As disappointing as it will be to fans, we found that it is important for GH Blog to clear up the rumors and let fans know the truth. Michael Easton is not returning to General Hospital, and he even says he hasn’t been within 10 feet of the building since the day he last taped.

Check out his Facebook message to fans. We would like to thank Michael Easton for clearing up the rumors.


MANY HAVE ASKED…Not sure how this rumor got started but I have not been within ten miles of the GH studio since I…

Posted by Michael Easton on Thursday, October 8, 2015

General Hospital Rumor: Is Michael Easton OUT at GH?

McbainThe latest casting buzz following the news of GH Head Writer, Ron Carlivati being let go, is that Michael Easton may be on his way out. Michael Easton joined the cast of General Hospital after One Life to Live was cancelled. Easton went on to continue playing the role of John McBain until ABC had some legal issues with using the names from the axed soap. The GH writers were forced to drop the OLTL names, and wrote Michael Easton as Dr. Silas Clay.

Rumor has it that Michael is on his way out, but nothing has yet been confirmed. Daytime Confidential has also reported of this rumor, apparently, this type of news travels quickly.

It seems as though there has been much potential for Silas. First with Sam (Kelly Monaco), then with Nina (Michelle Stafford), and also with Ava Jerome (Maura West). There is so much that could be done with his character, since he has Kiki (Hayley Erin) as his daughter, Nina as his crazy ex-wife, Ava his ex-mistress and their love/hate relationship. A while back there was a GH rumor going around that Nina didn’t actually lose her baby with Silas, but that Madeline and Ava were in cahoots to take Nina’s baby (Kiki) and pass her off as the product of Ava and Silas’ affair.

Hopefully with the new writing team coming into place, they will be able to find a way to elaborate on Silas’ past and develop his character. Many fans have expressed that a Silas and Ava pairing would be a great idea, especially since there is so much history between those two.

General Hospital Blog will keep fans posted on any new developments related to the status of Michael Easton with General Hospital.

We want to know what you think! Would you like to see Michael Easton stay on GH as Silas Clay?

Is Ava Jerome Gone for Good?

Ava has been through Hell and back since she fell off that cliff. Although Sonny tried to save her, she still fell to what looked like her death, and the residents of Port Charles were led to believe she had died in that incident. Little did everyone know that an old “friend” of Ava’s came to her rescue. Dr. Silas Clay, her former lover, saved Ava and took her to New York to recover. During her recovery from the fall, Silas discovered that Ava had cancer. Since she was in hiding, because she killed Connie Falconeri and was wanted by the PCPD, her wishes were just to die a peaceful death in New York.

At first Silas was going to oblige, but then he realized that there was one person he hand’t tried to be a possible match to save Ava’s life. Her own daughter Avery, was kidnapped by Silas to perform tests, and ultimately, the little baby saved her mama. The audience was supposed to believe that Silas had granted Ava’s wishes, and helped her die with medication.

Since Ava is alive and well, she is determined to be close to her daughter. The problem is, Ava Jerome is wanted for the murder of Connie Falconeri, and she is also wanted DEAD by PC mob boss, Sonny Corinthos. Ava had to do what she had to do in order to return to PC and be near Kiki and Avery. She went to great lengths to change her identity, to Denise DeMuccio. She even involved her mother Delia in on her secret.

Denise is now in Port Charles and making her way closer and close to baby Avery. General Hospital spoilers reveal that Ava will make an attempt to get Avery back, staying disguised as Denise. This raises a very important question. Wil we ever see Ava Jerome again? Not only is she wanted by the PCPD and Sonny Corinthos for murdering Connie, she has also committed fraud and lied about her identity, got rid of her own finger prints, and has involved Delia in her scam. It seems like there is no turning back for Ava now. WIll Ava Jerome be gone forever, and is Denise DeMuccio here to stay?

Let us know what you think. Is there a way Ava can show her face as Ava Jerome ever again?

General Hospital BIG Reveal! Will Nina Learn She Has a Daughter?

Ever since Nina woke up from her coma and landed in Port Charles she has been out for revenge. Revenge against her husband, Silas Clay for cheating on her, revenge against Ava Jerome for being Silas’s mistress and for having his baby, Kiki. She has had it out for many others including Sam Morgan because she was involved with Silas romantically. Her mother just may have been number 1 on her list, even before Silas. Her mother, Madeline Reeves is responsible for putting Nina in a coma while she was pregnant. Madeline wanted Nina and Silas apart and she wanted to get her hands on Nina’s money.

It looks as though Ava and Silas didn’t meet by accident. Madeline had a lit to so with the situation between Silas and Ava, as she put Ava in Silas’ path so that his relationship with her daughter Nina would fall apart. General Hospital rumors have been circulating from the very beginning that the baby Nina supposedly lost will turn out to be alive and in Port Charles. BIG General Hospital rumors claim that it will finally all go down between Nina, Madeline, Ava, and Silas, and Kiki.

Ava is the only mother Kiki Jerome has ever known. Her whole life she has believed that Ava was her mother and that her father was dead. She recently found out that she was the daughter of the sociopathic artist. Franco, but even that turned out to be a lie. Kiki now knows that Silas Clay is her real father… but what she may find out will shock Port Charles.

Kiki’s upbringing was full of lies and deceit from her mother and there just may be another huge BOMBSHELL. Word out in social media is that Nina will get the shock of her life when she learns that her mother Madeline and Ava Jerome conspired to take Nina’s baby (Kiki) and pass her off as her own.

What do you think? Will Kiki end up being the daughter of Silas and Nina? We think so!

GH Baby Drama: Is Morgan Avery’s Father?

Julian Jerome got a huge shock when a woman who looks so much like his presumed dead sister Ava, showed up at his door. Most of Port Charles were lead to believe that Ava fell off a cliff and died. Silas helped keep her in hiding, as she was running from the law. In the midst of her fugitive activity, Silas discovered that Ava was sick with cancer.

General Hospital rumors have speculated that he was the one who kidnapped baby Avery from General Hospital, and mysteriously brought her back safe and sound. If this is true,  rumors also have leaned toward another twist in the story. Silas may have used Avery to save Ava’s life. Since Kiki wasn’t a match for Ava, perhaps baby Avery is. In his findings, it is also possible that Silas discovered that Sonny Corinthos is not actually Avery’s father, but she may be the daughter of Morgan Corinthos.

If this is true, and Morgan is actually Avery’s father, then who lied? Perhaps Ava wanted her baby to be Sonny’s, in hopes that he would keep her alive is she was the mother of his child.

Watch the baby drama unfold Monday-Friday at 2PM Eastern!

Ava Returns in Disguise, Will She Be Able to Pull It Off?

The last time any of us saw Ava Jerome, Dr. Silas Clay was injecting her with medication. Silas lead Ava to beleive that he was going to grant her wish and help her die. However, General Hospital spoilers have surfaced and we have reason to believe that Silas did the exact opposite. Instead of helping Ava die peacefully, she actually found  a way for her to survive. A couple of motnhs ago, when baby Avery went missing from General Hospital she mysteriously popped back up in Port Charles, unharmed. GH spoilers and rumors have also claimed that Silas took Avery to New York for teting, and to potentially help her mother Ava live. If the GH rumors are correct, that is what actually happened.

Ava may be alive and well but she sure isn’t out of the woods. Ava is wanted by the PCPD for murder. She is a fugitive, and Dr, Silas Clay helped her escape and go into hiding. Just because Silas saved her life, it doesn’t mean he can save her from going back to Pentonville.

Ava returns to Port Charles this week in a dark haired disguise, who will she claim to be? Will her own daughter, Kiki, recognize her and blow her cover? Ava wants nothing more to see her baby Avery and she will risk her freedom to do it.

What do you think will happen to Ava Jerome once she is seenby the residents of Port Charles?