General Hospital News And Spoilers: Maurice Benard Warns Fan, “Hold Your Horses,” Assures Fans, “Sonny’s Coming…”

Sonny Corinthos is back! Are the days of “SMike” over? Sonny Corinthos’s mob life resulted in an identity crisis. After suffering amnesia, entrapment, deception, and false reality, Sonny as we knew him was gone.

General Hospital recaps recall Sonny’s devastating transformation two years ago. His amnesia gave Nina the prime opportunity to make her move. Ad a result, she took advantage of his vulnerability. After that, choices made about Sonny’s own life were made by the man he became after Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) knowingly kept him from his wife and children.

General Hospital rumors indicate that it’s time “Mike” exits stage left and Sonny Corinthos steps back into the life he was meant to live.

In a recent Twitter conversation, General Hospital’s leading man gave insight on whats ahead for Sonny Corinthos. A fan tweeted about Sonny returning as himself after being trapped inside of “Mike.” That said, GH rumors speculate that the upcoming mob drama will bring out what we’ve all been missing- the TRUE Sonny Corinthos!The Emmy winner warned fans to, “hold onto your horses,” when it comes to seeing Sonny again. He added, “you will see him slowly, but surely.”

After reading Benard’s tweet, fans rest assure we haven’t seen the last of the legendary mobster. His statement definitely sounds like a promise; one that Maurice Benard is going to keep. According to GH spoilers and rumors, Sonny finds his way back to Carly.

We look forward to seeing it all unfold!

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