General Hospital News: Maurice Benard And William deVry Shut Down Internet Troll; “I’m So Glad GH Fired Your Sleezy Scumbag Lying Ass!”

The internet is full of trolls and haters, and the soap opera “fan base” seems to play a big part in online bullying. So called GH fans, more like haters, apparently have a big problem with knowing how to play nice.

General Hospital news reports a recent Twitter exchange that isn’t so pretty, between one GH fan, William deVry, and Maurice Benard. Maurice Benard, who plays Sonny Corinthos, chimed in to defend his friend and co-star, William deVry, after a fan tweeted at deVry, commenting on his General Hospital exit.

The tweet read, “I’m glad they fired your speedy scumbag lying ass!,” as it was addressed to General Hospital’s deVry, who has played Julian Jerome for the past seven years.

There is no excuse for this senseless hatred and negativity. Good on Maurice for stepping up for his friend, William deVry, and shame on the individual who felt it was necessary to be a hater for absolutely no reason.

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