General Hospital Spoilers: Sonny Proposed Out Of Pity

Sonny proposed out of pity Sonny and Nina engaged

Was Sonny’s proposal a pity ask? Something about his delivery, and the conversation leading up to the question that gives off a disingenuous vibe. It almost seems like Sonny proposed out of pity!

General Hospital Recap: A couple years ago, Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) was led astray by a master deceiver. In Nixon Falls, Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) took advantage of a vulnerable man who she knew had a family back home. Because of this, the Corinthos family was torn apart. Oddly enough, Sonny thinks he’s fallen for his captor. And now they plan to ride off into the sunset.

Sonny Buys Nina’s Pity Party, But It’ll Cost Her In The End

Nina’s little sob fest was a manipulation tactic to get Sonny on her side. Once again, she played victim as she cried wolf. Then, Sonny’s random marriage proposal took the audience, as well as Nina, by surprise. Although she’s yet to answer him, we should probably just assume that she goes forward with the engagement with her secret hanging over like a dark cloud.

General Hospital rumors storyline speculations hint toward a disastrous outcome for Sonny and Nina. It’s clear that their lives don’t align. Love should come naturally. Neither party should have to jump through hoops in hope for peace. In relationships, family dynamics play a major role in the health of the couple’s relationship. So, because Sonny’s entire family cannot stand her, it just doesn’t seem realistic for Nina and Sonny when so much stands between them.

According to the latest General Hospital rumors, Sonny was influenced by Nina’s pity party and sheer desperation for validation drive him to blurt our a marriage proposal. She was really laying it on thick. Obviously, she guilt tripped him after he voiced his stance on Carly, Michael and Willow. She was unhappy that he declared himself Switzerland, and not her full supporter. It’s a classic move from an entitled, self-serving person to make someone feel guilty for having boundaries. Luckily for Nina, this worked in her favor. Now, GH fans wonder if Sonny proposed out of pity.

Let’s be real here. Would Sonny have proposed if it wasn’t for their conversation?