General Hospital Spoilers: GH Fan’s Hopes For A Moving Reunion Shattered When Sonny Makes A Devastating Discovery

The wait is over, and the long anticipated return of Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) is here. For nine months, General Hospital fans have longed for the moment when “Mike” would regain the memories of his past life, embrace them, and be reunited with his wife, Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright), and his family.

Although some aspects of this climactic story line has been satisfying, other parts have not lived up to fan’s expectations. Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) definitely is getting what she deserves as Sonny is rejecting her profession of love and in typical Sonny mode, making it clear to Nina that he is going home to his wife. And that’s where things start to fall short.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Sonny expects an emotionally satisfying reunion with Carly and the people he loves most, while it’s safe to say that GH fans have had the same expectations and hope of an emotional and happy reunion.

General Hospital previews indicate that Sonny, nor the GH fans who have been anxiously waiting for these moments, are going to have what they’ve wished for. Now that Carly and Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) seem to have married for more than just business purposes, a happy reunion between Sonny and Carly, Hell, even between Sonny and Jason, is not about to happen.

General Hospital rumors claim Sonny will walk in on Jason and Carly as they are consummating their marriage. The devastation of seeing his wife with his best friend will set Sonny over the edge.

Past General Hospital news reports confirmed Maurice Benard giving fans a warning, telling fans that Sonny needs to keep his eye on Jason and Carly. This was back in the beginning of the storyline, when Benard took to Instagram to reveal General Hospital spoilers regarding what lied ahead.

General Hospital spoilers and rumors suggest it will be a long rocky for Sonny, Carly, and Jason, now that Nina has set things in motion that will be almost impossible to be undone.

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