General Hospital News and Spoilers: BREAKING Steve Burton Returns To General Hospital

General Hospital News and Spoilers: BREAKING Steve Burton Returns To General Hospital
General Hospital Spoilers: BREAKING! Steve Burton returns to General Hospital as Jason Morgan

Confirmed! Big things lie ahead for the people of Port Charles. ABC’s 60 years of General Hospital brings drama, entertainment, fun, and family into our homes. Here’s to 60 more and beyond.

General Hospital news reports confirm Thursday night’s special television event showcased many memorable moments. From extreme spy adventures to soap opera style weddings, to love and loss, Port Charles has it all. Additionally, General Hospital and Port Charles has been home of the most iconic daytime television characters and their actor counterparts for 6 decades. Over the years, actors and roles comes and go but few are absolutely irreplaceable. Although the role of Jason Morgan was once recast, it was quickly learned that having anyone play Jason was not going to work as they’d hoped. Instead, Burton’s recast, the late Billy Miller, was written as Drew Cain. This left room for Steve Burton to return.

Steve Burton Returns to General Hospital as Jason Morgan

General Hospital news and spoilers reports that with Laura Wright and Kelly Monaco’s help, co-star and friend to these ladies, Steve Burton surprised fans with an announcement. GH recaps of the January 4th GH special event reveal that Steve Burton appeared at the end of the special. GH fans at home were in pleasant shock when Steve Burton announced that big things are coming to Port Charles. Reportedly, Steve confirmed that he’s filmed his last scenes over at Days Of Our Lives, hanging up the Harris Michaels role in Salem.

General Hospital Blog: BREAKING! Steve Burton Drops Major Hint- Jason Morgan Returns Just In Time

Steve Burton returns as Jason Morgan General Hospital

With so many storylines that currently flow through Port Charles, many create potential for what fans have been waiting for. In the midst of all the changes, fans believe it’s the perfect time that Steve Burton returns as Jason Morgan.

Recently, General Hospital Blog shared the latest news in Steve Burton. During a podcast interview, GH co-star Wally Kurth hinted that Steve Burton will be back soon. Since this news broke, GH spoilers are running wild with stories surround Steve Burton and his role as Jason Morgan.

According to the latest GH spoilers and news, Burton shared an interesting post to his Instagram page. Curiously, fans dissect the meaning behind his message. Check it out below!

Steve Burton hints his return to GH as Jason Morgan

Does Change Mean Out With DAYS and In With GH?! Steve Burton Retuns as Jason Morgan

With rumors that Steve’s days at DAYS are soon to be over come inevitable change. Last week, GH Blog shared confirmation that Steve Burton has signed a one year contract with DOOL. Of that year leaves about 6 months. That’s why fans have been up in arms over the news. Moreover, each and every storyline seems to have a reason for Jason to return. Sasha needs saving? Jason will rescue her! Sonny needs out of FBI custody? Jason saves the day! Carly needs Nina off her back? Here comes bestie!

General Hospital Spoilers: GH Star Hints At Steve Burton Return

Wally Kurth Steve Burton Wally Kurth hints at a Steve Burton return

GH vet hints at a Steve Burton return! Double-duty soap star Wall Kurth weighs in on the most talked about General Hospital topic of current times. Kurth knows all about working on two soap operas at once, so he has some credible insight on the situation. We might know him as Ned Ashton Quartermaine, but there’s another network that claims Kurth as well. Before there was Ned, Wally started as Justin Kiriakis on NBC’s Days Of Our Lives.

Wally Kurth Weighs In On Steve Burton

According to the latest General Hospital news, Wally Kurth shared some insight on today’s most talked about topic. As previously mentioned, Kurth currently works for ABC’s General Hospital, as well as Peacock’s Days Of Our Lives. Because of his experience, working on both soaps, he had a little something to add to a recent conversation.

In a podcast published to social media platforms, GH news and spoilers reports confirm that Kurth weighed in on the perpetual curiosity of Steve Burton’s aka Jason Morgan’s fans. Is he or isn’t he? Evidently, despite Burtons current contract status with DOOL, co-star Kurth said, “he’ll be back on the show (General Hospital) soon.”

Although Burton remains under contract, GH spoilers and news reports confirm that the iconic mob enforcer signed a one year contract which will be up in March of 2024. So far it’s six months down and six to go before his contract with Peacock’s Days.

Despite his 2021 exit, many argue that ABC’s General Hospital is Steve Burton‘s home. Compromising his beliefs wasn’t something he was about to do to keep his job. However, the mandate has been lifted. Therefore., that being said, along with thirty years as Jason Morgan under his belt, fans hold out hope he will return to GH.

What do you think? Is Wally Kurth’s prediction right?

General Hospital Spoilers: Steve Burton Reprises His Role, Explains His “Easy” Decision

Steve Burton reprises his role

Steve Burton reprises his role. Daytime TV icon, Steve Burton is best known for his good-hearted, bad boy role on ABC’s General Hospital. Jason Morgan became one of the most popular characters in television. His friendship and brotherhood with GH’s leading man, Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard), created a powerful fan following.

Sadly, Burton’s reign as the legendary Jason Morgan ended in November of 2021. His personal beliefs were not in alignment with certain mandates Disney and ABC required to continue employment. Unfortunately, Steve left GH after nearly 3 decades.

Thankfully, Steve’s fans don’t have to go too far in order to find him on-screen. After Steve departed General Hospital, Beyond Salem producers reached out to Burton. He was asked to hop on board and reprise his role as Harris Michaels in Beyond Salem’s second season.

Steve Burton reprises his role

General Hospital news reports reveal Burton’s next career move. According to Soaps In Depth, Steve explained his thought process when it comes to accepting Beyond Salem’s offer. He said, “It was kind of like, “We already have an idea for 3. Could you come back to Days and maybe finish that arc?’ “That’s how it led into the story coming to DAYS. It’s a continuation of BEYOND SALEM.” Burton explained, “I don’t want to say it was an easy decision,” he admitted. “With BEYOND SALEM, it was an easy decision because it was a limited run.

“And I had such a great experience there with the people I worked with and the producers. When they brought [returning] up, I was way more open to it than I probably would have been prior,” he went on, “because I have businesses I’m growing that are doing well. I’m doing what I love to do, coaching people. And I’ve got my kids. So my life was great, I have all this stuff going on. But I do love to act and how this came about was great. So I was like, ‘Yeah, sure. I’ll come back.’ When you’re in the business 36 years and people are still calling? I’m super-grateful.”

GH fans continue to hold out hope for Steve’s return as Jason. But for now, watching him anywhere is better than nowhere!

General Hospital News And Spoilers: Steve Burton Gives Inside Tidbit On His Past And Present Acting Career

Steve Burton has an impressive career history dating back to his first role in 1986. Burton’s small role playing an FBI agent as “Ithaca” in The Manhattan Project. Steve then went on to play in the sitcom, Out Of This World, from 1987-1991 before beginning his career in Daytime TV.

General Hospital news and spoilers report Burton’s most recent career moves have occurred over a short period of time. Burton played the iconic role of mob enforcer, Jason Morgan for 3 decades. As the right hand man of Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) Jason and Sonny become one of the most popular daytime duos; with their leading ladies, Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) and Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) by their side, these power couples were unstoppable.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that before Steve become Jason “Quartermaine” Morgan, his first role in Daytime was actually on Days Of Our Lives. Since Burton’s premature departure from ABC’s General Hospital last November, he has made yet another premising career move.

In a recent Instagram post, Burton shared a tidbit of information with fans regarding his role on the series, Beyond Salem, a spin-off of DOOL.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Steve is returning to Days as the same character (Harris Michaels) he played back in the day which kickstarted his Daytime career!

General Hospital news reports confirm that Beyond Salem will be available on Peacock this July 11th!

General Hospital Spoilers: Steve Burton Shows Off His Tattoo, Receives Mixed Reviews From Fans

Steve Burton shirtless tattoo

General Hospital, Y & R, Days Of Our Lives: Beyond Salem, Stone Cold and the Jackal, and Port Chuck, are just a few of the reasons why Steve Burton is such a beloved actor. But he is best known in his iconic role as Jason Morgan in ABC’s GH.

Sadly, General Hospital fans were devastated when GH news confirmed Steve’s GH exit. It seems that Steve and Kelly Thiedbaud were headed down a news storyline path, when once again, Jason Morgan “dies.” Previously, General Hospital spoilers revealed that he, along with co-star Ingo Rademacher who played Jasper “Jax” Jacks, were let go over a vaccine mandate. Reportedly, the mandate was implemented by Disney/ABC Network. Fast forward several months and General Hospital news and spoilers reveal that Steve Burton has moved on from the 59 year old daytime drama and has joined the cast of Days Of Our Lives: Beyond Salem.

Steve Burton Shirtless With New Tattoo

General Hospital spoilers reveal a little look into his personal life. On April 12th, Steve shared a selfie which showed off his arm tattoo. The photo received comment from co-star and friend, Chad Duell (Michael Corinthos). Duell wrote, “Digging the tats Steven ????????.” It looks like Steve has had this tattoo for a few months, but has recently made his ink the focal point of some of his IG posts.

According to GH news reports, Steve recently shared a photo with his tattoo artist. The photo displays his new arm tattoo, and Burton captioned the pic, “legend in the tattoo biz, Joel Bones.”

General Hospital Blog would like to extend our encouragement to Steve. We absolutely LOVE your new ink and don’t believe for a second that a tattoo would hinder you from landing roles. Many of the actors have tattoos. In fact, one actor that comes to mind is Jason Thompson (Patrick Drake). Others include, Tyler Chistopher (ex-Nikolas Cassadine, GH), Robert LaSardo, who not only played Manny Ruiz on GH, but has a long list of acting credits which include CSI: Miami. LaSardo also collaborated with Clint Eastwood and Bradley Cooper in the movie, The Mule, Days star Landon Archey (Eli Grant), Lauren Koslow (Kate Roberts, Days), Kamar de Los Reyes (Antonio, OLTL), along with many more.

GH Fans On Steve Burton’s Tattoo: Let’s Stay Positive

GH news reports reveal that some fans have freaked out in the comments. Some claim that Steve’s tattoo will prevent him from acting (particularly returning to GH). Although most comments were positive and encouraging, a few nasysayers had to share their not-so-positive opinions. We see no reason why Steve’s new ink would ever prevent him from working in the acting industry. In fact, he already landed a new role on the 5 episode series, Beyond Salem. Way to go, Steve! We LOVE your new tattoo! Fans can check it out below!

General Hospital News And Spoilers: Steve Burton’s Wife Sheree Shares Surprising News! “Life sure is full of surprises!”

Sheree Burton pregnant with 4th child
Sheree Burton pregnant with 4th child

UPDATE: Please CLICK HERE for the revised story. This story was taken BEFORE Steve Burton issued his statement regarding their separation and that the baby was not his. GH Blog has issued an apology for making the assumption that Sheree was pregnant with Steve’s 4th child. In our defense, Sheree did NOT disclose she was separated from Steve and that the baby was not his.


General Hospital star Steve Burton has been quite busy since leaving his role as the iconic mob enforcer and loyal companion, Jason Morgan.

Recent General Hospital news reports confirmed Burton will be joining the cast of Days spin-off, Beyond Salem, in a 5 episode series. But General Hospital spoilers reveal that’s not all Steve has been busy with!

General Hospital spoilers reveal Steves wife, Sheree Burton has recently shared a photo on her Instagram story with the caption, “Life sure is full of surprises!,” while cradling the lower part of her belly. The fitness and health guru seems to be pregnant! Steve and Sheree have 3 children, Brooklyn Faith, Makena Grace, and Jack Marshall.

Sheree Burton Pregnant with 4th Child

General Hospital spoilers reveal Sheree (45) and Steve (51) are surprisingly expecting their fourth child! We are so excited to help share in their family’s happiness as Sheree has continued success with her fitness career and Steve begins his new role on Beyond Salem. The couple is now stepping into a new role together, parents of 4!

Congratulations to the Burton family on this surprising and exciting blessing!

General Hospital Spoilers: Steve Burton Joins The Cast Of Days Of Our Lives!

Look who is headed to Salem (and Beyond!) The iconic NBC soap opera, DOOL has been home to many daytime stars who have crossed over from networks to network.

General Hospital news and spoilers reports confirm the Peacock streaming app is now host to a Days Of Our Lives spinoff mini-series called Days Of Our Lives: Beyond Salem. The five episode series will reunite familiar faces from various daytime dramas.

General Hospital spoilers reveal General Hospital’s Steve Burton, who played the legendary right hand man, Jason Morgan for nearly 3 decades will now join the cast of DOOL: Beyond Salem. The five episode mini series will begin on July 11th on the Peacock steaming app.

Burton’s daytime work isn’t limited to his iconic role as Jason Morgan, but also as Dillon Macaavoy on the CBS soap opera, The Young and the Restless.

GH news and spoilers reveal this isn’t Steve’s first time playing on Days. Burton played a minor role on the soap back in 1988. That just goes to show that the daytime tv industry is a resolving door. GH fans need not lose hope in the possibility of Steve returning to General Hospital as Jason Morgan. GH spoilers indicate Burton’s upcoming role not yet a full time position. Some claim Burton will someday return when mandates are lifted.

Congratulations to Steve on his new and upcoming role on Days Of Our Lives: Beyond Salem.