General Hospital Spoilers: The Masked Man Strikes! Will Kim Be Killed as Tamara Braun is Set to Exit?

There have been many General Hospital rumors floating around this Halloween season. Story lines are about to hit their dramatic peak as we head into Halloween and November Sweeps. Many actors have been rumored to be making a come back, as some are making an exit.

General Hospital news reported the confirmed General Hospital spoiler regarding Tamara Braun’s exit at General Hospital. Dr. Kim Nero has had a rough go in her short time in Port Charles. As if losing her son wasn’t the worst thing that could happen to a mother, Kim soon after, suffers more loss.

Franco was never Kim’s to begin with, but after losing Drew, Kim clung to Franco and his memories (that are actually Drew’s), as one last bit of hope to hold onto. Kim’s grief has caused her to spiral out of control. General Hospital spoilers hint that Kim will become distraught. We can only assume that she is taking the hit of all these losses in her life extremely hard.

General Hospital spoilers and previews for 10/29/19 show Kim crying to Franco saying he is what is best for her. GH spoilers claim Franco isn’t sure who is is or what he wants and is basically rejecting Kim. After being rejected by Franco, Kim is also rejected by Julian. She has burned bridges with Julian over Drew. This sends Kim into a dark place, and who knows? Maybe she will stumble into the wrong hands, at the wrong place, at the wrong time. Will the masked killer make Kim his victim as Tamara Braun exit’s the role?

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