General Hospital News: Nancy Lee Grahn Uses Dirty Word While Addressing Fellow Woman And TV Personality, Tomi Lahren

The personal life of an actor is anyone’s guess except when the individual makes it crystal clear through social media posts.

Although Nancy’s tweets and IG posts are not her entire life, they do paint a big picture of a certain aspect of her life. Nancy isn’t known for keeping quiet or being polite. She’s known for telling it how she sees it, even if it’s offensive to another party, including fellow females.

General Hospital news reports, that in a recent tweet, NLG, who plays Alexis Davis on General Hospital, used Twitter as a way to name call TV personality and conservative, Tomi Lahren.

General Hospital Blog doesn’t condone the use of this particular word, therefore we will just let y’all take it upon yourself to read Nancy’s tweet so we don’t have to repeat the word used.

If you’ve ever wondered what side of the political fence Nancy stakes claim in, just ooo into her social media and any information regarding Nancy’s political views will be right there.

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