General Hospital Spoilers: Spencer Sees Esme’s Love For Ace

Spencer sees Esme’s love for Ace Trina’s jealous by Esme

Spencer sees Esme’s love for Ace. …Esme Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl) just experienced every mother’s worst nightmare. A horrific experience left Esme unconscious on the living room floor. When she woke, Esme opened her eyes to Laura Spencer (Genie Francis) bringing her back to consciousness. It was then that she remembered that Baby Ace was stolen.

This experience would traumatize anyone, especially a new mother that has amnesia. Although traumatic, her experience with Ace’s kidnapping showcased her true feelings as a mother. It’s obvious that Esme isn’t the same conniving and dangerous young woman she once was. Her love and devotion to her child displays a much softer, and even lovable side.

According to General Hospital spoilers, Spencer sees Esme’s love for Ace. The only Esme he knows is the one who conned him, the one who drove him and Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma) apart. Spencer sees Esme as his psycho ex-girlfriend who slept with his father. Also, she tortured Ava, and her family tree is quite frightening.

Now that Esme and Ace have been reunited, GH rumors hint that Spencer’s thoughts about taking Ace from Esme are conflicted. The more he sees Esme’s natural abilities as a responsible mother, the greater his doubts. He was so dead set on taking Ace from his mother, but now things may change.

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