Tristan Rogers Entertains the Idea of Returning to General Hospital

This past year, ABC’s General Hospital and CBS’ The Young and the Restless seem to be having fun playing a good game of actor swap. From Maura West to Steve Burton, 2014 was full of exchanging stars from one soap to the other.

Tristan Rogers is yet another daytime star that has bounced from Y&R to GH from time to time. Although the actor, and GH legendary character Robert Scorpio is currently away from GH as he plays Colin on Y&R, there is hope that he will be able to work out a deal that allows him to take part in both daytime dramas. Rogers just signed on with The Young and the Restless for another year, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he cannot appear on General Hospital as Robert Scorpio.

Rogers expressed via Twitter that the issue regarding being able to appear on GH while still under contract with Y&R has yet to be resolved. That being said, it is highly possible that the two networks are ironing out an agreement to let Tristan Rogers return to General Hospital while he is also playing Colin on Y&R.

Rogers’ character, Robert Scorpio would fit perfectly into current story lines over in Port Charles. The identity of Fluke is about to be revealed, which Luke and Robert have a long history with each other. Also, Robin, Robert’s daughter, is still being held by Helena Cassadine. General Hospital rumors have indicated the return of Robin Scorpio in the near future. What better timing for dear old dad to return as well, right?

Let us know if you’d be excited to see Tristan Rogers reprise his role as Robert Scorpio on General Hospital. Comment below!