General Hospital News and Spoilers: Today Tyler Would Have Been 51, Best Friend and Designated “Legacy” Shares Personal Details From Tyler Christopher’s Instagram

 April Grant posts Tyler Christopher’s behalf
April Grant posts Tyler Christopher’s Instagram

First, we’d like to wish Tyler Christopher peace on what would have been his 51st birthday, and what is his 1st Heavenly Birthday.

October 31st was almost two weeks ago, but the time went by so quickly. Since Tyler Christopher’s death, the turn of events concerns fans, leaving them confused. Undoubtedly his death was a shock to all. We as fans never saw it coming, although his life struggles helped paint the picture. Still, no one truly knows what someone feels and thinks inside.

At this time we pray that Tyler’s memory is respected and honored. In 2023, one way to honor a deceased loved one is by memorializing or acting as “Legacy” on their social media account(s). According to General Hospital news and spoilers, Tyler Christopher appointed a Legacy to take over his account and post on his behalf.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Christopher’s appointed Legacy is his best friend April Grant. Tyler’s friend shared some things about herself and Tyler in a recent IG post. According to Grant, they met when he moved to San Diego, and she became his only friend in the new city. April has taken the time to reach out to Tyler’s fans via Instagram. She has explained her relationship to Tyler as his best friend of the last three years. Also, April revealed that she was named his designated Legacy and has taken over his social media.

April Grant posts on Tyler Christopher’s Instagram

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Tyler and April were very close. She admitted that they spent almost every day together when he moved to San Diego. They walked their dogs, went to museums, and more. April disclosed her reason for choosing today to send this message out to the world.

General Hospital News and Spoilers: Natalia Livingston Pays Tribute To Tyler Christopher And Nikolas and Emily’s Legendary Love

Natalia Livingston Pays Tribute To Tyler Christopher
Natalia Livingston Pays Tribute To Tyler Christopher

Nikolas Cassadine (Tyler Christopher) and Emily Quartermaine (Natalia Livingston) were EVERYTHING back in what I call the Golden Era of General Hospital. There’s no doubt that the 90s and the early 2000s brought on some of the best romances in GH history! (Ok, that’s my opinion, but many agree!) They were one of daytime television’s most iconic young couples.

Nikolas and Emily’s friendship with Elizabeth and Lucky sparked a lot of attention through the years. Many became invested in their lives and the romances between Liz and Lucky, a well as Nikolas and Emily. Together, they were know as the four musketeers. They were young, vibrant, and full of heart.

Natalia Livingston Pays Tribute To Tyler Christopher

Reportedly, Natalia Livingston and Tyler Christopher’s work relationship ended when Emily Quartermaine was killed off the show. It’s no secret that Nikolas and Emily were crazy about each other. GH fans often wondered if Natalia and Tyler were friends in real life. Especially after her GH exit. While not much has been disclosed over the years, recent GH news reports bring forth some light to the topic.

According to GH news and spoilers, Natalia Livingston speaks our agh we Tyler Christopher’s death. The 47 year old actress took to Instagram to express her gratitude, love, and support for Tyler. Below you will find Natalia’s heartfelt tribute to her friend and former co-star, the late Tyler Christopher. Also know as the iconic Nikolas Cassadine. He will forever life inside of our hearts.

Natalia Livingston Pays Tribute To Tyler Christopher

General Hospital News and Spoilers: GH Star Drew Cheetwood Speaks Out On Cousin Tyler Christopher’s Death

Tyler Christopher’s death Drew Cheetwood Derk Cheetwood Nikolas Cassadine Max and Milo Giambetti General Hospital
Tyler Christopher’s death

The recent and most tragic death of General Hospital star, Tyler Christopher, has sparked a surge of love and support from family, friends, and fans.

In the wake of learning of Tyler’s passing, many of Tyler’s former co-stars have displayed their love and condolences on social media. It’s obvious that Tyler was a bright light as photos shared in memorandum display his aura. Reportedly, friend and former co-star Maurice Benard broke the news via Instagram. Then, along came the flood of reactions shared across social media. Friends and colleagues rushed to their accounts to share their photos and memories of their time with Tyler.

One post that particularly caught our eye was a post shared by General Hospital’s Drew Cheetwood. Drew is know for playing Max Giambetti, of Sonny’s guards, Max and Milo (Derk Cheetwood). General Hospital spoilers reveal that Tyler’s co-stars Drew and Derk are not only friends, but also family. But wait, there’s more. And as if having been part of the General Hospital family wasn’t impressive enough, Tyler, Drew, and Derk are biologically related! Yes, brothers Drew and Derk are Tyler’s cousins! That said, it’s only imaginable that his cousin’s social media post would have such a profound message.

According to General Hospital news, Drew Cheetwood addressed Tyler’s death and the life and time they shared together. Those times were spent together as co-stars, friends, GH family, and as cousins.

Below you’ll find photos of Tyler, Drew, and Derk as the still images tell a small part of Tyler Christopher’s story. The caption is makes me quite emotional, so prepare for some waterworks when you read.

Drew Cheetwood speaks on cousin Tyler