Meet Marcus Coloma, General Hospital’s New Nikolas Cassadine

Today’s episode of General Hospital finally revealed who was under the mask. For weeks now, many General Hospital spoilers hinted to the return of GH’a iconic character Nikolas Cassadine, The Dark Prince.

At the beginning of todays’s episode the audience saw a mystery man in the shower. His black hair facing the audience and his face kept a undisclosed. The camera panned over to a unique ring, and things started to make sense. What we didn’t know is that the return of Nikolas Cassadine would not mean the return of the actor who portrayed Nikolas originally, Tyler Christopher. Not until the very end of today’s Halloween episode did we find out that Nikolas has officially returned to Port Charles as the one stalking Ava. Fans were shocked to see Nikolas will be played by a new actor.

The arrival of General Hospital newcomer Marcus Coloma came as a shock to GH fans. Coloma may be new to General Hospital but the 41 year old American actor has been in the acting game for some time. Coloma’s acting credits include working alongside Hilary Duff, as her love interest in the 2006 movie, Material Girls, The CW’s One Tree Hill, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, just to name a few. Although this change will take some getting used to, General Hospital Blog is looking forward to see what’s ahead for the Nikolas and the rest of the Cassadines. What will this mean for Laura, Lulu, Spencer, and Ava?

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