General Hospital News And Spoilers: GH’s Briana Nicole Henry Drops Major Pregnancy Hint

The role of Jordan Ashford was originated in 2014, played by Vinessa Antoine from 2014-2018. In August of 2018, General Hospital news reports confirmed that the role would be recast.

In General Hospital comings and goings reports, it was revealed that actress, Briana Nicole Henry would replace Antoine. Henry joined the cast of General Hospital on September 13th, 2018.

Henry’s role as Commissioner Jordan Ashford, has become a main focus in Port Charles. She and her son TJ Ashford (Tajh Bellow), along with their families are one of the main family focal points on GH.

General Hospital news reports have shown that Briana Nicole Henry has possibly dropped a hint to a real life pregnancy with husband, Kris Bowers. In a recent Instagram story, Henry shared a quote relating to pregnancy. It reads, “when my daughter is in my belly I will speak to her like she’s already changed the world she will walk out of me on a red carpet fully equipped with the knowledge that she’s capable of anything she sets her mind to” -rupi kaur

Take a look at the image below, as was taken from Briana’s IG story.

General Hospital spoilers surrounding Jordan and Curtis Ashford’s (Donnell Turner) divorce reveal a major wrench could be thrown into Portia Robinson’s (Brook Kerr) plans with Curtis.

If General Hospital rumors regarding Briana Nicole Henry being pregnant are true, it’s possible to be written into the script at some point. Will Jordan and Curtis try one more time and give their marriage one last shot? Jordan’s potential pregnancy could shift Portia’s plans to get back with Curtis.

General Hospital Poll: Should GH Have Replaced Jordan Ashford?

After learning the truth behind Vinessa Antoine’s exit at General Hospital, do fans agree with executives that she had to be replaced? Or should they changed the story line to fit her hiatus?

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Should GH Have Replaced Jordan?

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General Hospital News: Vinessa Antoine Speaks Out On Her Sudden Exit

General Hospital‘s ex-Jordan (Vinessa Antoine) left the show just as a major story line was brewing for her character. Jordan Ashford was about to marry Curtis Ashford, her ex-husband’s brother, when Antoine left GH.

General Hospital spoilers reveal comments from Vinessa Antoine regarding her sudden and shocking exit from General Hospital. According to TV Water Cooler, Antoine divulged that she did not want to leave her role as Jordan Ashford at all. It turns out, Antoine took on another role in Canada, on a show called, Diggstown. She would have been gone for the Summer and hoped that the Executives over at General Hospital would have been able to accommodate her hiatus with a story line revamp. The writers had already had a story in motion, and declined Antoine’s request to have her character go off on some undercover mission or possible be in a coma.

Vinessa told Canadian soap spoilers page, TV Water Cooler, “I thought that I would get to stay. It was quite a shocker for me. I never planned to leave the show. I was hoping to get to do what the other actors get to do…go on a little sabbatical.”

Antoine was quickly replaced with Briana Nicole Henry who currently plays the role of Jordan Ashford. Were the Execs right to have replace Vinessa while she wanted time away?

GH Blog Poll: Who is the Best Lady for Curtis Ashford?

CurtisWomenTake General Hospital Blog’s latest poll! We want to know your opinions on the newest potential pairing.

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Which Lady is Best for Curtis Ashford?

CurtisWomenThe new guy in town, Curtis Ashford, (Donnell Turner) has made his acquaintance with a few ladies in Port Charles. One woman is from his past, one women he is trying to protect from her own husband, and the other is a fresh new face that just found out about his troubled past.

Jordan (Vinessa Antoine) and Curtis are ex-in-laws, and have a mutual dislike for one another. Jordan was married to Curtis’ brother, and she and Curtis have never been fans of one another. Jordan judges Curtis for his prior cocaine addiction, and Curtis has something Jordan is ashamed of hanging over her head.

Hayden (Rebecca Budig) asked Curtis for help to find information about the shooting that landed her in a coma. Curtis tries to steer Hayden away from her own husband, Nikolas Cassadine (Tyler Christopher), since he is the one who had her shot.

Valerie (Brytni Sarpy) works for Jordan over at the PCPD and was warned by her friend and colleague (Jordan) of Curtis’ shady past. Valerie told Dante that she is still thinking about pursuing something possibly romantic with her new acquaintance, because everyone has made mistakes.

All three of these lovely ladies Mr. Ashford has come in contact with would make for a great romantic pairing with Port Charles’ newest mystery man. Is he a bad boy, or does Jordan just have it out for him? Will she change her mind about her ex- brother-in-law? If Nikolas and Hayden’s marriage starts coming apart at the seams, will Curtis be there for her? Valerie has finally gotten over her affair with Dante, is she ready to start something new with Curtis?

Let us know what you think! Who should be Curtis’ love interest?

GH’s TJ Ashford, Tequan Richmond, Lands New Role

TJMollyGeneral Hospital spoilers reveal that Tequan Richmond, who plays TJ Ashford has landed a new role on Showtime. Richmond joined the cast of General Hospital back in 2012, and currently plays alongside some of Port Charles’ biggest names. TJ is loyal to Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard), boyfriend of Molly Lansing Davis (Hayley Pullos), and son of Police Commissioner, Jordan Ashford (Vinessa Antoine).

Richmond will be playing a teen dad, with three children. The Showtime pilot will take place and be filmed in Chicago. This leads to the question of whether or not Tequan will be working both at Prospect Studios in LA, as well as taping the new pilot across the country in Chicago.

General Hospital Blog will keep fans updated on whether or not Port Charles will be saying goodbye to TJ Ashford.

Let us know you’re thoughts. Would you like to see Tequan Richmond stick around GH and continue his role as TJ?


General Hospital Ins and Outs and Summer Recast!

There will be a lot of characters walking in and out of Port Charles this Summer on General Hospital. General Hospital Blog has previously reported that Jeffrey Vincent Parise (Carlos Rivera) is OUT, and it doesn’t look like he will be returning. Sean Blakemore is also on his way out at GH as Sonny’s enforcer, Shawn Butler. In the midst of his legal troubles, and baby mama drama with Jordan (Vinessa Antoine), Shawn will be leaving Port Charles, will he take his son TJ with him?

Finola Hughes will be off for the Summer as Anna Devane will leave Port Charles since the death of Duke Lavery (Ian Buchanan). Ian Buchanan has been out at GH since early May.

Lisa LoCicero will be on maternity leave for the majority of this Summer. Olivia and Ned will exit PC, as Wally Kurth has landed a role on Days of Our Lives.

Tony Geary is set to return to GH this Summer so that Luke Spencer can say goodbye to his loved ones in Port Charles. Geary is retiring for good, but we have good news that has confirmed Genie Francis will return as Laura Spencer for Geary’s exit. GH rumors have speculated that more GH alum will be returning to the canvas for Luke’s big goodbye. Jonathan Jackson who has played Lucky Spencer on GH, is currently on ABC’s Nashville. While Nashville is on Summer hiatus, it is highly possible that we will see Lucky return to Port Charles to see his dad, Luke, off.

General Hospital rumors have teased with one particular possibility for quite a while. Fans have been up in arms when it comes to Robin Scorpio Drake. Some want her back, some want her to stay gone, and others are willing to accept a recast. Although a recast of a fan favorite has been done in the past (Billy Miller taking Stave Burton’s place as Jason Morgan), it’s highly unlikely that Kimberly McCullough, who originated the character Robin will be recast. McCullough’s status with General Hospital remains unknown. However, there are a couple other possibilities for a Summer recast. Some claim that bringing Liz Webber’s sister, Sarah back to Port Charles is in the works, and since ABC’s fan February contest, social media has been buzzing that Serena Baldwin will make a return.

General Hospital Spoilers: TJ Has Bad News For Shawn

This week on General Hospital, intense drama leads up to the Nurses Ball as a mob war breaks out between the Jerome and Corinthos organizations. Many GH rumors have been flying around in regard to who is about to go down. GH rumor has it that there may be two people who get hit with gunfire.

It has been said that since General Hospital spoilers have revealed the departure of Ian Buchanan (Duke Lavery) from GH, rumors speculate he will be the one to get caught in the crossfire. Another GH rumor teases that Jordan, the undercover agent will be shot. Although there are no GH news reports confirming Vinessa Antoine’s departure from General Hospital, it is still possible that Jordan could get shot and injured during the mob shootout. Rumor has it that Duke is the one who orders a hit on Jordan.

All this drama will take place by weeks end, so be sure to watch General Hospital to keep up with the latest hospital drama, mob violence, and romantic scheming.

Jason Got Ran Over By A…

So the General Hospital rumor indicating that Jason would be involved in an accident turned out to be an actual General Hospital spoiler. Although we saw Jason at Sonny’s door, he was so close to coming face to face with his best friend Sonny, and his wife, Sam, we knew it wasn’t going to be that easy.

Jason got ran over by a distraught, pregnant, mobster, who was running for her life. Ava Jerome was driving away from Shawn, who busted into her apartment ready to take her back to Sonny. A distracted Ava was driving at a high speed in order to get away from being captured by Sonny’s men, and by the time she saw the man (Jason) in her headlights it was too late. Her tired literally rolled right on over his body, flattening him to the pavement. Well this is Jason Morgan adn we know that he is a true survivor. He has lived through just about any body harm that he has ever come in contact with.

What will Ava and Jordan do next? The two ladies are about to turn Jason over… will they recognize him from news and photographs or will his face be so disfigured that he is completely unrecognizable?

General Hospital rumors also indicate that Elizabeth cares for a bandaged mystery patient… will this rumor also turn into a General Hospital spoiler?

Keep watching General Hospital to find out Jason’s fate!

Julian Knows Fluke’s True Identity

Due to the fact that Tony Geary is on medical leave from GH, we know that he won’t be back to General Hospital until this coming Fall. Geary is set to return to the canvas as Fluke/Luke Spencer this coming October. In the mean time, Jordan Ashford (Vinessa Antoine) is working under cover to find out who the secret mob boss is once and for all. She has worked her way in to the Jerome organization, and has made it clear to Julian (William DeVry) that she wants to play with the big boys. Jordan keeps asking for him to tell her who their boss really is.

A few weeks ago when Jordan had a meeting in Mickey Diamond’s hotel room, Julian busted in and shot him. Julian sought out revenge because Mickey had a bomb set to burn down Alexis’ home. Later, when Jordan answered Mickey’s phone, she heard the voice on the other end. She recognized that voice as being none other than the voice of Luke Spencer.

Recently on General Hospital, Jordan walked in to Julian’s apartment while he was in the middle of a video chat with Fluke. She didn’t quite catch what Julian was doing on his laptop. When she addressed the idea that she figured their boss was Luke, Julian immediately denied the claim. He told Jordan that he swore on the life of his family that their boss was in fact NOT Luke Spencer. Whether or not Julian has known that Fluke is not actually Luke Spencer has been a mystery since the beginning of this story line. Should you take what Julian said to Jordan at face value? Do you think he is telling the truth when he claims that their boss is NOT Luke, because he knows who it really is?