General Hospital Spoilers: Finn and Hayden Grow Closer

Hayden Barnes returned to Port Charles and dropped a huge bombshell on her ex-love, Hamilton Finn. As far as Finn knew, Hayden had left town which ultimately ended their relationship. She also led people to believe that she has lost her baby. Turns out not only does Hayden have a child, but the little girl is Finn’s as well.

Many factor play a role in the relationship between ex lovers, Finn and Hayden. For starters, Hayden left Port Charles. During that time Finn found love in another woman, Anna Devane. Finn had every assumption that Hayden was gone for good and he really had no choice but to move on. His relationship with Anna isn’t picture perfect either. Anna has actually been gone for a while as well. She left late Spring/early Summer and has been on this ISA mission for months.

Hayden drops into town with a child and things are about to change. Finn and Hayden’s daughter. Violet, has an diagnosed illness and Hayden has turned to Finn, a doctor, and the father, to help figure out what is going on with their daughter. General Hospital spoilers indicate trouble ahead for Finn and his fiance, Anna. As Finn and Hayden go through a difficult time together as they are both worried about Violet and trying to make her well again, the two will grow closer and bond over their situation.

Anna is still not back in Port Charles but General Hospital spoilers have hinted around her return, very soon. Will Hayden and Violet drive a wedge between Anna and Finn as he is focused on his daughter’s health and being supportive to Hayden?

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