Soap Opera News: AMC Star Walt Willey Recovering From Recent Surgery

The soap opera community is one that expands through the networks, including all daytime dramas. The cast and crew of various soaps seem to be like one hug family. That is why we feel it’s important to share news about fellow daytime star, Walt Willey.

Soap Opera news reports reveal All My Children alum, Walt Willey (AMC, Jack Montgomery) took to Twitter to announce he was about to undergone surgery (April 12th). I’m his post he shared the surgery would be the following day, and ask fans to “have it in their hearts say a prayer, think a good thought, light a candle, or however you wish to send good vibes my way (no animal sacrifices, please!) as I meet this challenge. Thanks so much.”

Fast forward a few days later and GH Blog has updated news on Willey’s recovery after surgery. On April 19th, Walt returned to Twitter to announce, “I’m ba-a-a-a-aack!” Walt shared an update with fans and his gratitude for their support. His surgery was a success and he was released on Easter Sunday. Walt is at home and recovering comfortably.

We are so relieved to learn and report the good news of Walt Willey’s recent surgery. We pray he continues to heal.

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