General Hospital News: BREAKING! Wes Ramsey Exit Has Been Confirmed

After much back and forth on the status of Wes Ramsey as Peter August, we now have clarification on exactly where he stands.

Elizabeth Webber made an assessment based on her knowledge as a medical professional. She took Peter’s pulse, and listen for his breath, and made her declaration based on the fact that she couldn’t get a pulse or hear and feel him breath. Peter was bleeding from his head after he smacked his head against the wall on his fall down the stairs.

General Hospital rumors started, claiming that maybe after Liz and Finn (Michael Easton) did whatever they did with his body, Peter could have possibly regained consciousness.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Finn and Elizabeth’s bond will grow stronger after their experience with what happened to Peter and the secret they are keeping.

General Hospital news confirms Ramsey’s exit from General Hospital. According to the cover of a recent edition of, Soap Opera Digest, the actor is OUT at GH, and the role of Peter August has been killed off.

General Hospital Blog wishes Wes Ramsey the best of luck in his future endeavors. His role as Peter August gave fans that love-to-hate feeling, and Ramsey’s talent helped keep fans captivated as the troubled villain.

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