General Hospital News: Guidelines In Place To Resume Filming, Will California Governor Gavin Newsom Give GH Green Light?

Things are starting to look up as the main threat of the global pandemic, Covid-19 is winding down for Americans. With more states opening up and beginning to resume normal activities, with much precaution, it has come to our attention in General Hospital News has reported that ABC Network is working with it’s studios to resume work. Prospect Studios, where General Hospital is filmed, along with other Hollywood studios, must follow strict guidelines to ensure the best measures to keep cast and crew safe when returning to work.

General Hospital Blog has previously reported on the guidelines required in order to resume film production. You can check them out HERE.

General Hospital spoilers and rumors hint that production can resume as early as this month, so long as Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, gives the green light. If so, this news would contradict earlier General Hospital news, stating that production wouldn’t begin again until August. We are hopeful and happy that things are looking in another direction at this time.

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