Tony Geary Talks Fluke and Personal Health

Tony Geary recently let fans in on his personal life as well as the life of GH icon Luke Spencer in a fantastic interview with TV Guide. Geary touched on everything from his role(s) on GH to his real life recent health issue.

Although Tony Geary is not permitted to disclose who “Fluke” actually is, he mentioned that he will be back on screen in October after recovering from back surgery he had in April. Tony stated that the recovery was different than he expected and that it took him two weeks just to walk again. A lot of hard work and physical therapy is involved in his recovery which prohibited him from coming back to General Hospital at the time her initially anticipated.

We all know what a great talent Tony Geary is and has been on General Hospital for 36 years. In recent years he explains that he had felt that the writing for his character wasn’t exactly letting his abilities shine, which got him thinking he might want to let go of Luke altogether and leave the show. He says that the Fluke story enables him to go to a dark place in his acting and since Luke Spencer isn’t a sociopath, he has to be someone else. “Doing Fluke has been a real cleansing after all my years of complaining and wondering what happened to Luke’s black hat. To be able to take something this far and this dark has been a real joy after 36 years. Of course, we had to do it with a different character, since Luke is not a sociopath,” Geary stated. It’s obvious that Tony Geary is very happy with Ron Carlivati’s work and grateful for this Fluke story line. In the interview he laughs and says, “That name (Fluke) started on the Internet and now they actually put it in the scripts!”

A lot of time and effort went into this new side of Luke, aka Fluke, and to play him so flawlessly didn’t come without hard work and dedication. Geary took time to research sociopaths and built the persona from there. Everything from slowed speech and differences in the pitch of his voice had to be altered. His personality is quite shocking as well. Geary makes light of the fact that Fluke is such a pervert. It’s nice that the cast members can all find humor in the way this role is written regarding his forward passes at the women of Port Charles. Since Kiki is Flukes main focus in town when it comes to being suave with the ladies, he stated that Kristen Anderson took a little time to get used to playing opposite his character.

It seems as though things are going very well health wise and career wise for Tony. The fact that he didn’t walk away from his 36 year role as Luke is such a blessing to the fans. What would General Hospital be without Lucas Lorenzo Spencer anyways? We are very thankful the writers could come up with a story that could peak Geary’s interest and that is able to show his multifaceted talents. We look forward to seeing more of Fluke Skyping with Tracy, and for Geary’s full time return this October.


For the full TV Guide interview with Tony Geary (Luke Spencer/Fluke), please visit their website at www.tvguide.com