Messy Hair and a Leather Jacket

Yesterday on General Hospital, Alexis described her emotional experience of her 16 year old pregnancy and they way she met Sam’s Father. With tears in her eyes, Alexis told her daughter how she would never forget the day she was born and how she felt when she was forced to give her away.¬†She told Sam she never got to know the boy’s name but described him as having messy hair and a leather jacket.

Molly and Rafe were playing the Ouija board and Molly asked the spirit of Rafe’s Father if he knew who Sam’s Dad was. To Molly and Rafe’s surprise, the answer was yes, and the letter that was introduced was J. Hmmmm…

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Nancy Lee Grahn Teases Fans With “Sam’s Daddy” Game

While many fans seem to think Franco is the obvious donor that will save baby Daniel’s life with a bone marrow transplant, we have another man in mind. There has been a lot of talk about Sam finding out who her biological Father is. Since Danny is so sick, and they are searching for a match, who better to dig up than a long lost relative who would be the child’s biological Grandfather? This is a perfect way to finally introduce Sam’s Daddy. And he just may be the person to save Danny’s life.

Nancy Lee Grahn has notified her Twitter followers that the identity of Sam’s Daddy will be revealed on Monday, July 15th episode of General Hospital. Today via Twitter, @NancyLeeGrahn¬†invited her followers and fellow GH fans to play a little game of #SamsDaddy. Fans got to make guesses on who they think it may be. Game rules stated that whoever wins gets to make out with anyone on GH.


GH Promo “Who is my Father?”

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Who Will Save Danny?

Sam received some unsettling news from Dr. Silas Clay when he paid a visit to the Davis home. While he did confirm that his revised protocol is working on Danny, he warned Sam that this is not the end of her nightmare. Although Sam and Jason’s son Daniel is responding well to the treatment, Silas informed Sam that Danny will most likely have to undergo a bone marrow transplant. He encouraged her to start looking for donors right away. Spinelli, Danny’s God Father, sprung into action and told Sam he would be gathering all the information in search for a match.

So now we ask, WHO WILL SAVE DANNY? This would be a perfect time to finally find Sam Morgan’s biological Father. This just may be the story line leading up to how everyone will find out who Sam’s Daddy is. It would be completely necessary to find a blood relative in hopes for finding an exact match. Perhaps Alexis knows where Sam’s Father is and will be determined to find him now to help save her precious grandson. Or maybe the arrival of the man she conceived Sam with will be a surprised to everyone.

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