General Hospital Rumor: Find Out Who Kidnapped Sam!

General Hospital’s week came to close with a bang after all the crazy events that happened to the residents of Port Charles. Who would have ever thought that Helena would be the one to tell “Jake” he is really Jason Morgan? And it was so easy! There wasn’t any hesitiation or beating around the bush. No interruptions, and no lies. It was as straight forward as you could possibly get. Helena told Jake he was actually Jason Morgan, that he is a dear friend to Robin Scorpio Drake, and that he is married to Sam and that Danny is his son.

But of course, there was a catch. Especially with “The Queen of the Damned” herself, Helena Cassadine. After divulging the truth and information Jason of his true identity, the ease of the entire truth came to a screeching hault. Helena told Jason that he worked for her, meaning she has conditioned his mind to obey her commands and not remember that she has anything to do with his behaviors. Helena wants Jason to work for her because of his extraordinary skills in the mob enforcement industry. She knows how valuable he is and wants him all to herself.

What was once so seemingly simple quickly turned into a very complicated situation for Jason. Sure, Helena told him who he was and who his loved ones are, but he isn’t going to remember her telling him this. Helena mentioned that she had a job for him under his newly conditioned mind. At the end of the episode on General Hospital’s Cliffhanger Friday, someone grabbed Sam from behind while she was watching Faison get moved into lockup at he PCPD. General Hospital rumors suggest that the masked man who grabbed Sam is none other than her own husband, Jason Morgan. Under Helena’s orders, maybe the job she had for her new employee was to kidnap his own wife.

What do you think? Will this GH rumor turn out to be true? Did Helena order Jason to kidnap Sam? Let us know by leaving comments below.