General Hospital Spoilers: A Special New Episode, A Shocking Look Into Carly And Nelle’s Childhood

It’s no secret that Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) and Nelle Benson (Chloe Lanier) have a long history of bad blood. These two women have a connection that goes way back to their childhood. It’s known that Nelle’s biological father, Frank Benson, is Carly’s adoptive father.

General Hospital spoilers reveal in an all new special episode of General Hospital, fans will get a deep look into how the rivalry between Nelle and Carly began. This episode will feature young versions of Nelle and Carly. American actress, Willa Rose will be taking on the challenging role of young Nelle Benson and General Hospital‘s own Eden McCoy (Josslyn Jacks) will be playing a young version of her own TV mother, Carly Corinthos.

General Hospital spoilers indicate this episode will look back in time and will reveal how Carly and Nelle interacted as children. General Hospital spoilers suggest Carly is harboring a HUGE secret which could explain a lot when it comes to Nelle.

General Hospital rumors claim Carly has a bigger part in Nelle’s current mental state and behavior than she plans to admit. It’s been rumored that Nelle will be painted in a new light, showing more of her innocence and possibly seeing Nelle as the victim. This won’t bode will for Carly if Nelle is painted as the victim. Perhaps this is a way to redeem Nelle’s character, but at the cost of tarnishing Carly’s? Carly has never been squeaky clean when it comes to her character, but if she is portrayed as the source of Nelle’s downward spiral, things could start to change for Carly, and not in a good way.

This revelation of Carly and Nelle’s childhood can bring some major changes to the lives of their family and friends. General Hospital rumors claim the past of these two women will rear it’s ugly head and have an effect on more individuals than just the two of them.

This special episode of General Hospital will be aired on Wednesday, April 8th.

Here’s a quick look at the young actress who will be playing young Nelle Benson. Check out her Instagram below.