General Hospital News: It’s Official, William deVry OUT, deVry Expresses Bitterness Toward GH Writers

It feels like forever since General Hospital news broke confirming William deVry’s exit from GH as Julian Jerome. This past week, William’s exit was made official after Julian Jerome’s body washed up from the river and was out in a body bag.

William deVry isn’t shy and is actually very interactive with fans on social media. His Twitter timeline is always poppin’ as he tweets and replies to fans. One fan expresses their dislike for Julian’s death scenes, calling it “gruesome,” while deVry replied in agreement and with sarcasm. He mentioned that the day Julian Julian as shown dead in a body bag, and as also the anniversary of his own dad’s death. William seems pretty bitter with the GH writer’s decision to kill off his character, Julian Jerome.

General Hospital news reports deVry still has love for cast mates and the feeling is mutual. Sonny Corinthos and Julian Jerome may have despised one another on screen but Maurice and William are friendly in real life.

William responded to a fan that admitted to not watching the last two episodes due to Julian’s death scenes. deVry made it clear that the scenes were painful to watch.

A lot of emotion is running rampant after deVry’s General Hospital exit and Julian’s death. Will you miss Julian Jerome as the bad boy with a tarnished yet tragic heart?

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