GH’s William Lipton (Cameron Webber) Gives Stellar Performance

Cameron turns to the bottle to help deal with his feelings regarding the Judge’s ruling for Franco

Cameron Webber is the son of Elizabeth Webber and Zander Smith. Named after Zander’s father, Cameron is growing up right before our eyes. Cam, portrayed by William Lipton, has really made this character his own.

This week on General Hospital, Lipton displayed real, raw, emotion in his delivery during his conversation with Jason Morgan (Steve Burton). Steve Burton seems to have the ability to bring out the best in whoever is working beside him. Burton’s acting can really carry a scene, and the two men didn’t disappoint. This week’s scene involving Cameron talking to Jason about how he feels about what is going on with Franco was the perfect way for William Lipton to showcase his acting range. The dialogue was emotional and escalated into total drama as Cameron reached for the bottle of alcohol and poured himself a drink.

Take a look back at this week’s scene! Great work William!