Jason Cook (Matt Hunter) is Leaving GH

Jason Cook who plays Dr. Matt Hunter, brother to Dr. Patrick Drake is leaving General Hospital next month. The actor has projects lined up for this Summer. And if his project with Bradfor Anderson (Spinelli) gets funded, he will be busy with that too. Cook was going to take months off this Summer for these other projects, but now he is just exiting the show. There isn’t word if he will be back or not, it has been left up in the air. What will this mean as far as the story line goes? How will Dr. Matt leave and how will Patrick take this? I am wondering if he will go to jail for killing Lisa. Is there hope for Maxie and Spinelli to get back together?

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2 Responses
  1. I think Matt should get off in self defense. Niles got what she derseve.

  2. evelyne matthews says:

    please not matt hunter.. want ms storm back. get rid of kristina and her crew and that crazy blonde from the loonie place, that heather.

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