General Hospital News: Eden McCoy Featured In LA Times- Back To School Covid Rules

General Hospital star, Eden McCoy, has started her freshman year of college at The University of Southern California. USC and USCLA were Eden’s top choices before making the decision to attend USC.

General Hospital news reports share a first look at Eden’s experience as a freshman in college. She recently tweeted a photo from the LA Times, featuring herself with mask in tact, and the headline reads, “College life is back and loaded with COVID rules as students return to campuses.” Under the photo McCoy points out she is featured with the caption, “hey that’s meee ✌️???? ❤️ #FightOn @USC”


Take a look inside Eden’s dorm as she has begun her college career as a freshman at USC. Ina paid partnership with dormify, Eden shows off her dorm room decor.


General Hospital spoilers reveal despite McCoy’s endeavor as a college student, her character, Josslyn Jacks, isn’t going anywhere. General Hospital news regarding McCoy’s status with GH has remained the same thus far.

Meet Marcus Coloma, General Hospital’s New Nikolas Cassadine

Today’s episode of General Hospital finally revealed who was under the mask. For weeks now, many General Hospital spoilers hinted to the return of GH’a iconic character Nikolas Cassadine, The Dark Prince.

At the beginning of todays’s episode the audience saw a mystery man in the shower. His black hair facing the audience and his face kept a undisclosed. The camera panned over to a unique ring, and things started to make sense. What we didn’t know is that the return of Nikolas Cassadine would not mean the return of the actor who portrayed Nikolas originally, Tyler Christopher. Not until the very end of today’s Halloween episode did we find out that Nikolas has officially returned to Port Charles as the one stalking Ava. Fans were shocked to see Nikolas will be played by a new actor.

The arrival of General Hospital newcomer Marcus Coloma came as a shock to GH fans. Coloma may be new to General Hospital but the 41 year old American actor has been in the acting game for some time. Coloma’s acting credits include working alongside Hilary Duff, as her love interest in the 2006 movie, Material Girls, The CW’s One Tree Hill, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, just to name a few. Although this change will take some getting used to, General Hospital Blog is looking forward to see what’s ahead for the Nikolas and the rest of the Cassadines. What will this mean for Laura, Lulu, Spencer, and Ava?

GH’s William Lipton (Cameron Webber) Gives Stellar Performance

Cameron turns to the bottle to help deal with his feelings regarding the Judge’s ruling for Franco

Cameron Webber is the son of Elizabeth Webber and Zander Smith. Named after Zander’s father, Cameron is growing up right before our eyes. Cam, portrayed by William Lipton, has really made this character his own.

This week on General Hospital, Lipton displayed real, raw, emotion in his delivery during his conversation with Jason Morgan (Steve Burton). Steve Burton seems to have the ability to bring out the best in whoever is working beside him. Burton’s acting can really carry a scene, and the two men didn’t disappoint. This week’s scene involving Cameron talking to Jason about how he feels about what is going on with Franco was the perfect way for William Lipton to showcase his acting range. The dialogue was emotional and escalated into total drama as Cameron reached for the bottle of alcohol and poured himself a drink.

Take a look back at this week’s scene! Great work William!

General Hospital Spoilers: Finn Gets Tangled in Love Triangle

General Hospital new reports in General Hospital comings and goings state that Finola Hughes will be returning to General Hospital as Anna Devane for upcoming story lines kicking off November Sweeps.

Anna has been away from her fiance, Hamilton Finn for the better part of the season. She has been gone all Summer, and the story is that she went to see her twin sister, Alex Marick for information. She needed answers from her sister regarding her memories shared. Anna thinks she ad a baby with Faison, resulting in the birth of Peter August. Anna is convinced this was the memory implanted in her head, and that in face, this is a memory of Alex’s, not Anna. General Hospital spoilers hint Anna will come back with information confirming her intuition that she is not actually Peter’s mother. Now that she is back in PC, Anna will have to face Peter (Wes Ramsey) and deliver the life changing news.

While Anna was away, a huge shift has come into what is Anna’s personal romantic relationship with her fiance, Finn. Finn’s ex-fiance, Hayden Barnes popped back into Port Charles after an attempt to meet with Hayden to tell her secret. Finn had second thoughts and decided not to meet Hayden because it wouldn’t be right as he was romantically involved with Anna.

Not only has Hayden shocked Finn by showing up in Port Charles, she also dropped a bomb that they have a daughter together and she is sick in the hospital with an un-diagnosed condition.

Anna will be feeling emotional after her time away, which may play a part in the inevitable rift between she and Finn. Hayden’s presence in Port Charles will play a major role in the issues Anna and Finn will be facing. Finn has recently learned that he and Hayden share a beautiful little daughter that happens to be ill. Now he feels the pressure to find out what is wrong with their daughter, all while trying to make things work with Anna and be there for Hayden.

We don’t know at this point what will happen next with Anna, Finn, and Hayden, however, General Hospital spoilers are updated on a regular basis, and any GH news and GH comings and goings reports will be share with General Hospital Blog fans.

General Hospital Spoilers: Anna Makes Her Return to Port Charles

General Hospital comings and goings report the return of General Hospital icon, Finola Hughes, as the independent, intelligent, loving person and mother, Anna DeVane.

Anna’s return to Port Charles will come in like storm blowing into town for two men in particular. Anna’a return means that Finn (Michael Easton) will have to face Anna with news of Violet (Jophielle Love), his and Hayden’s (Rebecca Budig) daughter’s existence. Peter will also have to deal with Anna. A lot has happened since Anna has left to visit her sister, Alex Marick. General Hospital rumors have already hinted Anna will come back to Port Charles with shocking news. General Hospital spoilers reveal Anna will learn that Peter (Wes Ramsey) is not her son after all and have to confront Peter with her findings from her time away.

Needless to say, Anna’s return to Port Charles will not come strolling in gracefully. Worlds will be rocked as many changes are about to unfold.

General Hospital Comings and Goings, November Sweeps: Nikolas Cassadine Recast?

General Hospital spoilers have leaked multiple hints in regard to what the writers have up their sleeve in the very near future. Every year around this time, Halloween and November Sweeps, the GH Execs tend to amp up their game when it comes to edge-of-your-seat suspense and drama. It seems that this year will not disappoint!

In General Hospital comings and goings, reports have gone back and forth on the topic of Tyler Christopher, and the characgter he made iconic in the world of Daytime Drama, Nikolas Cassadine. As the story line unfolds it is becoming clearer which direction the Cassadine family story line will lead. I mean, what is The Cassadine dynasty without Nikolas Cassadine? The plot is being set up for Nik to return to Port Charles and the writers are dropping hints. General Hospital spoilers have revealed yet news has not yet confirmed a return for this fan favorite.

Even though it’s pretty clear Nikolas Cassadine is headed to Port Charles for this story line involving many PC residents, including Nik’s mom, Laura Spencer, Dr. Kevin Collins, Elizabeth Webber, Ava Jerome, Hayden Barnes, of course, Valentin Cassadine, and more, it remains uncertain who will take on the role of this beloved and vetted character. General Hospital rumors have named OLTL alum, Jason Shane Scott, who played William Rappaport from July, 1998 to October, 2007, as a potential recast.

Do you want to see Tyler Christopher return to General Hospital as Nikolas Cassadine, or would you like to see a recast for the role?

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Kiki Jerome’s Return Could Mean So Much for So Many

In the wake of finding out the spin-off series to Pretty Little Liars, PLL The Perfectionists, had been cancelled after just one season, General Hospital fans have had Hayley Erin on their radar. Hayley took over the role of Kiki Jerome in January of 2015, after long time soap actress Kristen Alderson left the role. Hayley was quickly accepted and became Port Charles’ sweetheart.

For years, Kiki and her mom, Ava Jerome (Maura West), had a roller coaster of a mother-daughter relationship. Through many betrayals and acts of love and loyalty, the two ladies had an interesting yet intense bond. There has always been speculation, and lots of hope from fans, that Kiki would actually turn out to be Nina Reeves’ long lost daughter. The story line was set up perfectly for this to be true. Nina came to Port Charles with no memory of some significant times in her life due to being in a coma. During that time her baby girl was taken and she was told she had lost the baby. For a few years, GH fans had hoped that Kiki would ultimately turn out to be Nina’s daughter. But after Hayley Erin decided to leave General Hospital, her character Kiki Jerome was killed off, and the ended any hope for that story line to play out. More recently, Nina has been lead to believe that her daughter is actually Sasha. We know this isn’t true, and the story is set up to have Willow and Nina actually be mother and daughter.

Some breaking news came out last week which involves another GH alum, Bryan Craig. After learning that ABC’s Grand Hotel had been cancelled, fans started to wonder if Bryan would be returning to General Hospital as Morgan Corinthos.

If Hayley Erin returns to General Hospital as Kiki, this could tie into two main story lines. Ultimately, Kiki could come back from the dead somehow (or turn out to have been alive this whole time), she could still be Nina’s daughter. And if Bryan returns to GH, Morgan and Kiki could develop a new story together or pick up where they had left off.

General Hospital comings and goings are up in the air as the actors sort out the cancellations of the two shows they had joined after leaving General Hospital.

It’s highly possible that Hayley Erin could make her way back to Port Charles as Kiki. The possibilities are endless, and the story line has so much potential. A return from Bryan Craig as Morgan would be the icing on the cake.


Nothing General About It – A Look Into the Life of GH Star Maurice Benard

General Hospital’s leading man, Maurice Benard, known to American households as mob boss Sonny Corinthos, is releasing a book about his life. Maurice has always been up front and open about many aspects of his personal life, including mental illness. He has brought great awareness to the topic and has contributed to the cause in many ways. Simply speaking out about his Bi-polar and manic depression has helped so many who are dealing with similar situations. In his upcoming book, Nothing General About It, Maurice dives into his life from the beginning- he gives his readers a look into his childhood, his relationship with his Father, and the development of his bi-polar diagnosis.

Maurice is living a blessed life with his family, friends, and cast mates who are like family itself. He has had an outstanding career as he has been on screen practically 5 days a week for the last almost 3 decades.

Nothing General About It will be released on April 7th, 2020. To pre-order click HERE!


Morgan Comes Back From the Dead!

This Summer, ABC launched a night time drama, Grand Hotel. Bryan Craig, along with co-stars Eva Longoria, and Roselyn Sanchez, to name a few, received some disappointing news regarding their career. Since the announcement of the cancellation of ABC’s Grand Hotel, rumors have been swirling around the idea of Morgan coming back from the dead.

Bryan Craig has been a hot topic lately in the ABC circuit. We all know and love him as son of mob boss, Sonny Corinthos, but more recently, his character, Javier Mendoza captured the interest of new viewers.

Morgan’s death took a toll on the city of Port Charles, and especially impacted the Corinthos clan. Sonny and Carly have been through the ringer when it comes to trials and tribulations surrounding family life, particularly their children. Most recently, although the birth of their new baby girl is a happy blessing, Sonny and Carly are still up against a difficult situation. Baby Donna has been diagnosed with Spina Bifida and will undergo major surgery.

The Corinthos family needs some light shed on all of the darkness that hangs over them like a storm cloud. Hoping that Donna’s surgery will be a success, there is also another thing to hope for.

General Hospital spoilers reveal ABC has cancelled Grand Hotel, which means Bryan Craig will be free to pursue work elsewhere. General Hospital rumors point directly to the obvious- a General Hospital return for Bryan Craig.

If Morgan Corinthos makes his way back to Port Charles, the Corinthos family will be whole again.

Would you like to see Bryan Craig reprise his role as Morgan Corinthos on GH?

Will Julian Turn to the Dark Side?

Julian has come a long way for Kim. What he has become is something he could never do for any past love- including Alexis. Kim was the one woman who was able to get Julian to leave the mob life behind and do right by Kim.

Their relationship seems to be one sided. Kim even had to give Julian an entirely new persona in order to accept him. Julian changed his entire life for her, all while she has been pining for Drew. When referring to her encounter with Franco, Kim tells Julian, “It was like I was reconnecting with Oscar’s Father.” Julian knew right then and there that Drew has been what she has really wanted this entire time. He also came to the realization that he gave up his old life for her.  “Yeah of course you want that, you want him. Why would you want the guy who sold his restaurant to follow you to New York. Why would you want the guy who changed his life to become a better man for you? I mean, for us? Right?!” It looks as though there is no turning back for Julian “Charlie” and Kim. At this point, Kim is so far gone with her grief for Oscar, and her obsession with Drew, and Julian isn’t blind to the fact that he changed for Kim and now he isn’t what she wants.

Julian has nothing to lose in love and losing so much would be the perfect motivation to turn to his old ways. Is Julian a changed man forever, or will he always turn to the mob life when things fall apart?