Will Robin Lose Her Memory?

Just before the electroshock therapy, Robin called out to her loved ones, Anna, Robert, Patrick, Emma… now that I think about it, did she mention Mac? Anyways… she said, “I will never forget you!” She said this a few times over… is anyone thinking what I am thinking? Will Robin lose her memory and actually forget her family?

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  1. Brenda says:

    My theory is that the female nurse did not shock her, maybe the male in the room talked her out of it. Then they just told Robin to act like she was out of it…very surprised it was Ewen, thought he was a good guy. I would just hate to think of this really happening to Robin, so, this is what I’m telling myself…Robin did mention Uncle Mac.

    Thanks for your blog!

  2. ann says:

    Is Robin really coming back to the show or is this the last taping of her ending/leaving the show? The last time I read the soap magazine, she want to leave GH to do other things and now I’m confused as to why she has sudden appeared on the scence. Is she here to stay or what?

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