3 Replies to “Jason Gets Closer to Finding Sam’s Baby!”

  1. Why couldn’t they have written this beautiful story from the beginning! Now it seems like they are writing what the fans wanted so they can increase viewers!!! That isn’t nice to do to loyal fans! Steve is leaving so we fans will never get our happy reunion! I hope they Keep Kelly Monaco’s Sam without McBain for a long while after Steve/Jason leaves. Hopefully Jason will uncover the truth about HIS son before Steve leaves. But why is Liz in there? She won’t like it if she finds out Daniel is Jason’s son.

  2. I hope they can have a happy ending before Steve leaves! On another note, I loved, loved the remote shots in today’s show. Seemed like the GH of waaaaay back. So exciting. One last thing, in my area, the Katie show is not on our ABC station! I wasn’t planning to watch, but thought this was interesting. Jeff Probst show was on instead in the Katie show. Thank goodness I remembered to reset my time for GH recording!!

  3. I can’t believe what Ron Carlivati and Frank Valentini are doing to destroy GH!!! Why
    would they come in and deliberately destroy the number one most beloved couple, JASAM!!
    This has been a great storyline for 8 – 9 years now. It’s been long awaited for these two
    very madly in love characters to finally get married, and start their own family. It’s what they
    as well as the fans have wanted all these years. Right off the bat RC comes in and writes the
    most destructive hateful storyline for JaSam, after they’ve just been married and on their honey-
    moon. And soon after we hear that Steve Burton, who plays our most BELOVED JASON MOGAN,
    is leaving! Some of us wonder if his decision to leave had anything to do with all the destructive
    and worn out pathetic storylines, had an impact on Steve to leave? So now GH has these two
    men writing the most negative, disrespectful, and worn out pathetic storylines that we’ve seen
    on OLTL! Remember, OLTL was cancelled, not GH!!! But we have RC bringing in a lot of OLTL
    characters, and the old worn out split personality story from OLTL’s Victoria Lord and Jessica
    Brennan to Kate’s storyline on GH! How long do we have to see this sickening storyline go on
    and on?? I like John McBain and Todd on the show. But please RC, why would you rip JASAM
    apart, and try to destroy them with John McBain? You can get John with Sam after Steve leaves
    GH. Please, shiw some respect and fix the mess you created for JaSam before Steve leaves.
    Bring back Robert Guza please! He can write less of the mobb. Bob Guza Knows very much,
    all these characters by heart. He wrote the best love story that GH hasn’t seen in many years,
    it’s our most beloved JASAM LOVE STORY. That has kept GH on the air for many many years. The
    JASAM STORYLINE has been one of fun, intreage, adventure, sorrow, and steamy romance!! That
    is also what is needed to have a well balanced soap. Not just all negative, boring, disrespectful,
    cruel same old sickening and repeated storylines.

    So come on Ron, it’s time to quickly reunite Jason and Sam, and have them find their own baby
    boy. Let’s get the true Jason paternity known all before Steve leaves the show. This JASAM
    REUNION and their son back with them is what this couple, and the fans have been waiting for!!
    Don’t destroy this soap please. It’s the only one they chose to keep on the air on ABC. Yes,
    because General Hospital has been the best one one ABC. I did watch OLTL, but GH has always
    been better in my view. All My Children was also a very good soap.

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