Saying Goodbye to Jason Morgan

Jason’s last air date on General Hospital was early this week after he was shot by Duke Lavery, and kicked into the harbor. His best friend, Sonny, and his wife, Sam both went into the harbor looking for him. All Sam found was Jason’s half of their symbols of love… she found The Dragon. We all have the same question: “Is Jason Morgan really dead?” It looks that way, for now. Steve Burton has decided to move to Tennessee with his family, a dream he and his family have had for a long time. He is fulfilling that dream, and whether or not he is ever coming back to GH to reprise his role of Jason Morgan is uncertain. It is also uncertain whether or not Jason will ever be recast.

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  1. Im sobbing today watching Carli, Sonny, Monica and Michael just devastated with Jason’s
    possible death. I’m with Sam, I hope soooooo much that Jason is alive someplace safe and
    being cared for by a stranger. Maybe he lost his memory, and it will take a while to come back.
    Please Steve Burton come back to GH, Sam, your own little baby, Sonny, Michael, Monica, and
    all of your beloved and loyal fans. It’s just so sad. GH won’t be the same at all without Jason/Steve.

  2. In one way I wish they would recast!!Jason is a character connected to so many on the show!!He just got his wife and child back and didn’t even get to be with them for 1 night!!! I want them happy for a change. But the rational part of me says no one could play Jason like Steve Burton. I’m just afraid the writers are going to have Sam looking for him and finally when reality hits, John McBain will be there to pick up where Jason ended, in Sam’s bed and with Jason’s son!!!! If it was just Sam, I wouldn’t mind so much but McBain is a big part of why they were apart all those months. For him to come in,it is just wrong!!I have no problem with a friendship like Carly and Jason’s but nothing else!!!!

  3. I am still reeling from the shock of Jason bring shot and falling into the harbor. He just reunited with Sam and Danny and then to have him leave the show like this? Can’t believe it. Truly there is only one Steve Burton and he can’t be replaced. However fit the sake of the storyline his role must continue. Fans deserve to see Sam and Jason happy ns their love story continue Please GH don’t end it this way!

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