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Julian Knows Fluke’s True Identity

Due to the fact that Tony Geary is on medical leave from GH, we know that he won’t be back to General Hospital until this coming Fall. Geary is set to return to the canvas as Fluke/Luke Spencer this coming October. In the mean time, Jordan Ashford (Vinessa Antoine) is working under cover to find out who the secret mob boss is once and for all. She has worked her way in to the Jerome organization, and has made it clear to Julian (William DeVry) that she wants to play with the big boys. Jordan keeps asking for him to tell her who their boss really is.

A few weeks ago when Jordan had a meeting in Mickey Diamond’s hotel room, Julian busted in and shot him. Julian sought out revenge because Mickey had a bomb set to burn down Alexis’ home. Later, when Jordan answered Mickey’s phone, she heard the voice on the other end. She recognized that voice as being none other than the voice of Luke Spencer.

Recently on General Hospital, Jordan walked in to Julian’s apartment while he was in the middle of a video chat with Fluke. She didn’t quite catch what Julian was doing on his laptop. When she addressed the idea that she figured their boss was Luke, Julian immediately denied the claim. He told Jordan that he swore on the life of his family that their boss was in fact NOT Luke Spencer. Whether or not Julian has known that Fluke is not actually Luke Spencer has been a mystery since the beginning of this story line. Should you take what Julian said to Jordan at face value? Do you think he is telling the truth when he claims that their boss is NOT Luke, because he knows who it really is?

Will Ava Oblige and Kill Michael?

Since the minute she set foot in Port Charles, Ava Jerome has used her venom to suck the life out of anyone who got in her way. She shot Olivia with a bullet that was meant for her ex-lover, Franco, she killed Connie Falconeri in cold blood, and she threatened the life of Sabrina and her unborn child when she blackmailed Carlos into taking the wrap for AJ Quartermaine’s murder.

The fake Luke Spencer aka Fluke, is as lethal as they come. He is limitless when it comes to who he will kill or order to be killed by someone else’s hand. In a video chat conversation with Ava Jerome, Fluke asked her to do the unthinkable. He told her to kill Michael Corinthos. After hearing news from Tracy Quartermaine that Michael found out she was scheming and fired her, Luke felt the need to take action. His plan is to get Michael out of the way so that he can take over ELQ full force. We all know that Ava rarely has a heart let alone a conscience, but will she be able to go through with killing Michael Corinthos? Michael has ties to her daughter Kiki whom she loves very much. Kiki and Michael are very much involved in a relationship. Will Ava be able to kill the man her daughter loves?

Billy Miller UPDATE! Frank Valentini Confirms Rumors of Jason Morgan?

Fans, we feel your pain. We are just as sick to death of the back and forth as you all are. Is Jason coming or is he staying dead? Is Steve Burton returning to play Jason, or will the role be taken on by Billy Miller from Y&R?

In his announcement regarding the new Fall ABC lineup, and the time change for General Hospital, General Hospital’s Executive Producer, Frank Valentini, has confirmed in an interview that Billy Miller (ex-Billy Abbott Y&R) WILL in fact be joining the cast of GH as  the new Jason Morgan. He will be replacing the role that Steve Burton (Dylan McAvoy Y&R) played for 21 years. Valentini also explains that Jason Morgan will be heavily involved in the upcoming Fall story lines with the return of some iconic GH villains!

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Do YOU believe The Examiner?

We know this has been rough, we all the back and forth, but just try…

Keep Calm and Watch GH!

Billy Miller NOT Joining General Hospital as Jason Morgan!

Wow! There is just no end to this vicious cycle of General Hospital spoilers, news, and rumors! Fans have been long awaiting the arrival of Daytime star, Billy Miller, ex-Billy Abbott on The Young and the Restless. The pull of the back and forth is like entertainment torture and just as dramatic as the fictional daytime drama.

A few months ago, TV Guide’s Michael Logan reported that Billy Miller signing with ABC’s General Hospital was a ‘done deal.’ Nelson Branco, writer for Soap Opera UNCENSORED revealed that Billy Miller has NOT signed a contract with ABC’s General Hospital, and he will NOT be joining the cast as fan favorite, the legendary, Jason Morgan.

It seems as if there is a General Hospital spoiler war going on between two reporters. Who is most likely to be correct? Do you stand by TV Guide’s Michael Logan and his statement claiming that Billy Miller has signed with GH and is joining as Jason Morgan? Or, do you feel that was all said to create hype, and that Nelson Branco is correct in stating that Billy Miller has not signed on with General Hospital to replace Steve Burton as Jason (Quartermaine) Morgan?

Since we do know that Jason Morgan is definitely alive and awake after seeing his arm emerge from the cryogenic chamber, who do you think will be playing Jason Morgan? He IS coming back, but sadly, we are still doing this dance of who is going to play the role.


Will Ava Lose Her Child?

Nina is enraged at the fact that the woman her husband cheated on her with, and had his baby is pregnant once again. Silas cheated on Nina over 20 years ago and she found out just before she went into a coma. Her Mother, Madeline Reeves (Donna Mills) told her that she lost the baby she and Silas created. Nina wishes she could turn back the clock and have had the baby she was carrying with Silas. She is out for revenge and Ava is just the woman that Nina wants on the receiving end.

Today is Ava’s birthday and she is spending time with her daughter, Kiki. After months of not being able to see eye to eye, Kiki reached out to her Mother on her birthday. Ava looks like she is scared stiff that with Nina in town, things will start to unravel… and by things, we mean, perhaps Nina will find out that Kiki is HER daughter. That has been the rumor going around social media sites among fans. What do you think? Do you think Ava and Madeline could have arranged for Nina to “lose” her baby so that it would break Silas and Nina apart?

If Nina succeeds in ruining Ava, will Ava lose the baby she is carrying or will Nina take Kiki away from her?


Who is Kiki’s Mother?

In today’s episode of General Hospital, we got to see a lot deeper into Nina’s (Michelle Stafford) thought process. She spilled her guts to Silas (Michael Easton) in an extremely emotional conversation about their marriage and unborn child. We have known that she is out for revenge and Ava Jerome is on her hit list. Nina was cheated on by Silas with Ava, and just before she went into her coma is when she found this out. Nina is heartbroken at the fact that she lost her baby with Silas but Ava got to have one… or did she?

After observing Ava (Maura West) and Kiki’s (Kristen Alderson) scene, and the way the conversation was played out, it is getting more apparent that Kiki could very well be Nina’s. Ava and Kiki finally had a touching mother-daughter moment after months of being at odds with one another. When Kiki told Ava that Nina said she was over the fact that Kiki was Silas and Ava’s, Ava responded to Kiki by giving her a bit of advice, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” Nina has every intention of getting back at Ava and Ava better watch her back. The scene just seemed very well planted, as if Ava and Kiki are about to get closer, just as they are about to discover that Kiki is actually Nina’s daughter. Ava and Madeline Reeves, Nina’s mother, could have made this arrangement 20 some years ago, giving Ava Nina’s child.

It has been rumored that Ava will lose her child… in what way would you think that could be? Will she lose the baby she is carrying now, or will she lose Kiki because she was never hers to begin with?

The Fluke/Faison Connection

Cesar Faison. Just hearing (or reading) that name makes me shudder. Faison has been played by actor Anders Hove since 1990. He has been causing trouble for the residents of Port Charles, mainly, Luke Spencer (Tony Geary), Anna DeVane (Finola Hughes), Duke Lavery (Ian Buchanan), and Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers) from 1990-1990, then from 1999-200, and more recently in 2012.

Faison left the canvas not too long ago when Anna, Robert, and Duke got their revenge. Dr. Leisl Obrecht suspects that Anna, Robert, and Duke had a hand in the demise of Cesar Faison. Anna has never directly came out to say that Faison is dead. Faison has many ties to the residents of Port Charles now more than ever. Together, Dr. Obrecht and Faison share a child, daughter, Britta Westbourne. She resides in Port Charles and has been on and off involved with Prince Nikolas Cassadine.

Could Faison be Fluke? Rumors have been circulating and focusing on a few individuals who may indeed be the fake Luke. The theory of Jerry Jacks has been addressed, but here is some more food for thought. Faison has always had it out for Luke. He has always despised Mr. Spencer and even abducted his son Lucky under the order of Helena Cassadine. In past years, Faison arranged for Felicia Jones to be abducted in order to distract her husband Frisco. We also know that Faison is responsible for shooting Jason when he fell into the water off Pier 52.

Robin Scorpio, Mac Scorpio, Luke Spencer, Felicia Jones, Helena Cassadine, and more have all been involved with Faison. Since Victor is working on bringing Helena back from her frozen state, she has been rumored to return to GH along with Stavros. If Faison is Fluke, the story has the potential to tie all of these characters together, just like in the past. It would make sense that Robin is involved and has been forced to work under Victor Cassadine’s order. It makes sense that Maxie Jones (daughter of Frisco and Felicia and step-daughter of Mac) was a target in Levi’s plan to steal Felicia’s Aztec jewelry.

With all this connection to the resident of PC coming to light, do you think Cesar Faison is out for revenge in the form of Luke Spencer? Comment below and let us know your thoughts!

General Hospital Executive Producer Frank Valentini Reveals the Return of Villains this Fall!

Executives over at General Hospital have just announced the time slot change for the 51 year old soap. After 2 years of airing at 2PM Eastern/1Pm Pacific, General Hospital will return to it’s long aired time of 3PM Eastern/2PM Pacific. General Hospital Executive Producer, Frank Valentini explains that in celebration of the time change, there are big stories and big characters promised for this coming Fall.

In regard to big stories, Valentini states, “We’re interested in pushing the envelope in a way that challenges the audience’s ability to accept, understand and be entertained by the show.” The story involving the evil Victor Cassadine (Thaao Penghlis), the brilliant Dr. Robin Scorpio (Kimberly McCullough), and the mob enforcer, Jason Morgan (Billy Miller), will play a big role in upcoming stories. Look out for more villains to return to the canvas. Valentini reveals, “Some favorite villains will be back in the fall.  I think the fans will be really excited to see what kind of trouble they will be causing.  There will be male and female villains returning, who are our fan favorites who will be causing problems for our friends in Port Charles.”


Are you happy about the new time change?

Do you think Stavros Cassadine (Robert Kelker-Kelly) and Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers) will be “defrosted” so to speak by Victor? What other villains would you like to see resurface? May fans are at the edge of their seat with the assumption of Jerry Jacks (Sebastian Roché) returning as either Fluke (Tony Geary), and/or Levi’s (Zachary Garred) father. What do you think?


John J. York (Mac Scorpio) Talks About Upcoming Story Lines and Surprises

John J. York first entered the General Hospital canvas about 23 years ago in 1991. His character, Mac Scorpio has many Port Charles connections including, Robert Scorpio, Frisco Jones, Felicia Jones, Robin Scorpio Drake, Maxie Jones, and more. Mac is definitely a fan favorite. He is the good guy, the warm hearted father and uncle that everyone just wants to hug. Mac has always been there for Robin, Maxie, and the late Georgie, and is consistently trying to steer those girls into the right direction. Recently, Mac had been trying to convince Maxie that Levi is no good for her. He has changed her from the inside, and not in a good, self growth kind of way. Maxie didn’t see it that way, as she met Levi when she was very vulnerable. She was down and out about losing custody of her daughter, baby Georgie, to Georgie’s father, Spinelli. She thought Levi helped her through her dark days, when in actuality, he was creating more sorrow and misfortune in her life. Maxie learned her lesson when on her wedding day, Levi was exposed for the scheming con artist he really is. Levi was out to get Felicia’s Aztec jewels and he used Maxie to get there. Many fans have been questioning an even deeper motive that Levi may have for reeking havoc on the residents of Port Charles. Fans also want to know who he is connected to, and who his father is. In a recent interview with Michael Fairman, John J. York touches on some of those concerns.

In the interview, Michael Fairman flat out asks York if he thinks that Levi is Mac’s son. John J. York replied, “I don’t thinks so, but it would be crazy if he was. How ironic if Levi is a little mysterious rogue kind of pirate like Mac was when he first came on the show.” Levi being Mac’s son just wouldn’t mesh well with the story. Levi seems like pure evil and Mac is a good guy. Unless Levi is a disgruntled, long lost child…

John J. York went on about how much he likes actor Zachary Garred (Levi Dunkleman). In regards to the backlash Garred has been receiving from fans about his character, Levi, York said, “I love the story, and I love Zachary. He’s great!  You have to embrace the bad guy, and he got a lot of flack from fans at first.  Many people for hundreds of years have gone through that.  Some people didn’t like Susan Lucci when she played the more villainess side of Erica Kane on All My Children.  So there is that love/hate thing, but Zachary is awesome.”

That “fake” Australian accent has been a hot topic on social media among fans. We know that Levi’s portrayer, Zachary Garred is in fact Australian, so therefore his accent is real. But on the show, the character has been pretending to have an Australian accent, and when he revealed his true colors, the accent was dropped. Michael Fairman pointed out that when Mac first arrived in Port Charles, he too had an Australian accent.  ”That’s right … Mac did too!  So there are a lot of things that are going to be surprises coming up!” York responded.


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What are your thoughts about the current story? Will Mac survive being shot by Levi? What does Levi have in store for the Scorpio family?








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Maxie and Lulu: What Will Happen with Levi’s Hostages?

At the end of a very dramatic episode of General Hospital on August 14th, it was revealed that Levi Dunkleman is indeed a dangerous conman. He has been working Maxie to get closer to Felicia’s priceless Aztec jewels. His Australian accent that he has been sporting since he arrived in Port Charles has been a fake this entire time. Just as Maxie and Levi were about to say I do, his plan was foiled when Dante and Nathan busted up the ceremony and exposed Dunkleman for the scheming slime he really is.

As much as Dante and Nathan tried, they just couldn’t diffuse the situation. Levi had Maxie at gunpoint, and just as Dante stepped in to aid Nathan in taking Dunkleman down, Levi’s immigration officer surprised us all as he grabbed Lulu at gunpoint. He and Levi are accomplices and managed leave with best friends, Maxie and Lulu as their hostages. Nathan said to Maxie, “I will find you!” Even though PCPD Detectives Falconeri and West were unable to get their ladies out of the hostage situation, they have every intention of doing whatever it takes to get them home to their families safely.

In recent General Hospital rumors, it has been said that Levi pays a visit to Victor Cassadine. Will Lulu be reacquainted with Stavros Cassadine? What business might Levi and Victor have together? Does this situation have a connection with the Fluke story? Levi is definitely in Port Charles for more than some Aztec jewels!

Leave a comment and let us know where you think this story will lead.