General Hospital News And Spoilers: Bryan Craig And Maurice Benard Get Into Character After Rumors of Morgan Corinthos Return

Bryan Craig and Maurice Benard
Bryan Craig and Maurice Benard 2024

Bryan Craig and Maurice Benard 2024

Last week, General Hospital’s Executive Producer Frank Valentini dropped a major hint. He teased of a big-time character return, and fans haven’t put it down since.

Previously, General Hospital Blog shared a recent article about Bryan Craig’s potential GH return. GH news reports confirmed that Craig teased fans when he replied to a comment about an upcoming character return. Take a look below for the details.

General Hospital News And Spoilers: Bryan Craig Shocks Fans With GH Return Teaser!

General Hospital spoilers and rumors hint that GH will resurrect Morgan Corinthos. Recently, Craig has been dropping what fans believe are little Easter eggs for what’s ahead. Bryan’s latest hint was a message to co-Star and TV dad, Maurice Benard. It looks like Bryan and Maurice are in character as Bryan wrote “Happy Father’s Day,” to Benard.


Do you think that Bryan Craig is trying to tell us something with his cryptic Easter egg posts? According to GH spoilers, Frank Valentini teases fans about an upcoming surprise return. Furthermore, Craig’s suspicious X comments add to the recent GH rumors about his return. So, many believe that Sonny Corinthos’s son Morgan returns from the dead. Will Sonny and Carly reunite with their youngest son?