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Sean Kanan leaving GH!?

General Hospital Blog has surprising news that General Hospital’a Sean Kanan (AJ Quartermaine) may be leaving the role. It has been rumored that Kanan is leaving GH to reprise his role as Deacon on B&B.

Billy Warlock (ex-AJ Quatermaine, GH) sent out tweets with his thoughts on the topic. He expressed that he feels for the character of AJ.

General Hospital Blog will keep fans updated as the story unfolds.

General Hospital’s Maurice Benard on Upcoming GH Stories!

General Hospital’s very own Maurice Benard (Sonny Corinthos) has got us more than anxious for what’s to come. We thought things were intense in Port Charles these past few weeks, well Maurice let’s us know that we ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

Check out the official Twitter message from @MauriceBenardMB !

Who Killed Connie?

Sonny walked in on the unthinkable… as he went into Connie’s office he saw his love lying on the floor with a gunshot wound. AJ was out for blood, but we didn’t see him do it. Ava Jerome also has a violent past and wanted revenge on Connie for blowing her secret about Kiki out of the water. What do the fans think? Was it AJ, Ava, or an unknown third party?

Is This the End of Elizabeth and AJ?

Just as we all thought that Elizabeth and AJ were getting closer, today’s episode took their relationship down a whole new road. Even after denying the affections of Prince Nikolas and choosing to give AJ a chance, and even after AJ slept with Carly, Liz still stuck by his side.

Since AJ has found out that Kiki is not a Quatertmaine and that her votes did not count towards his win over Tracy, his true colors are shining through. You know what they say, people never really change. We thought AJ was trying to be a better person and Liz thought that he was trying to make a life for himself worth fighting for. When she showed up at The Floating Rib to show her support and help him through his loss of ELQ, he was less than grateful. He was lashing out at her and stepped over the line. After AJ was so cold to bring up Jake and tell Liz she wasn’t watching her child at the time of the tragic event, I do not see how there is a way for her to ever want to be with him. He cut her very deeply, attacking her and blaming her for the loss of her son. AJ and Elizabeth could have been a great couple, but I just don’t see how it could ever work now.

If you were a QUIZ shipper, what are your thoughts now that AJ has crossed the line? Does Elizabeth belong with Nik?

Tyler Christopher Dishes about Nikolas and Elizabeth!

General Hospital’s Tyler Christopher (Nikolas Cassadine), spoke with Soaps in Depth, giving us a bit of a taste of what may come for Nik and long time friend and love interest Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst). Tyler says, ”Becky & I are both really excited about [Liz & Nik] and working really hard to make their relationship work. (contd)… This time Nikolas isn’t apologizing for his feelings for her!” It looks as though AJ may be out of the running for Liz’s new man. With the recent news of Tyler Christopher signing a contract with GH, perhaps Nikolas and Liz will have a happily ever after? SHARE this post if you are a NIZ fan!

Tracy and AJ Take Pickle-Lila Relish to The Chew!

The battle between Tracy and AJ Quartermaine has been brewing for a few months, and now it will be taken to the next level! Tracy has a new business partner, Nikolas Cassadine but AJ has something bigger. Tracy learns that AJ has scored a spot on the ABC show The Chew! She will do anything to get herself and her relish on that episode.

Jane Elliot and Sean Kanan were in New York, along with Executive Producer, Frank Valentini. There they filmed the episode at the actual set of The Chew with hosts, Mario Batali, Carla Hall, Daphne Oz, and Michael Symon. The episodes will air on General Hospital May 13th-14th.

For more about this exciting news visit www.tvguide.com

Are You A QUIZ Fan? (AJ Q. and Liz)

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Pickle Lila Relish

Poor Tracy. All that her Father Edward left to her in his will was a jar of her Grandmother Lila’s homemade relish. Since the passing of the legendary Edward Quartermaine, the family has been battling over who is going to control ELQ. Tracy and AJ have been at each other throats, seeking assistance from unlikely allies. Tracy has turned to Lucy, Sonny, and Connie, while AJ has Michael and Duke in his corner. Until today, Tracy has looked at her inheritance as useless, cursing her Father’s name from time to time for cheating his own daughter out of his will. Luke was able to blackmail Carly and get the information about the Quartermaine heir to give to Tracy. Carly informed Luke that a few years ago, Franco told her he had a daughter named Lauren, but his wife kept her from him. With this news, Luke went to Tracy. As they were discussing how to save ELQ, Tracy looked down at her jar of Pickle-Lila Relish and had a revelation. She believes that she holds the ticket to save ELQ.

GH’s Elizabeth Webber

We have been seeing a lot more of Nurse Webber lately and it’s about time if I have to say so myself! Rebecca Herbst fans have been speaking out and letting TPTB know they want their character front and center. As we have learned in the recent past, never underestimate the power of a fan base. Once again, the fans have spoken and have been heard. Back when Herbst was let go from General Hospital, there was a huge out cry by the fans wanting her back! Seriously, could you imagine GH with out Nurse Webber? I can’t. Things are looking up for Liz fans these days. We are getting to see her interact with Sabrina, her new friend, AJ her ex lovers brother, and Patrick. There has even been talk of possible love interests for the character. Liz has been spending some time with AJ lately, and as she is the only woman (other than his Mother) in town that can stand the site of him, this just might go somewhere! Other rumors suggest that if Antonio Sabato Jr. comes back to reprise his role as Jagger Cates, then he and Elizabeth would make a great couple. There is so much potential for Elizabeth when we have the wonderfully talented Rebecca Herbst to thank for portraying her so well for so many years. We look forward to seeing more of Liz all over the GH canvas!

AJ Reveals a Secret!

Today on General Hospital, AJ discloses something to his son, Michael that could possibly free him of his previous charges he is now facing.

I have read everything from, “AJ didn’t do it, he has an alter,” to, “Alan is still alive.” There are many scenarios fans have come up with to try and guess what is going on. What do you think?