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Is AJ Going to Die?

Ava Jerome has caused a lot of trouble since she has come into town. She is responsible for manipulation, lies, and murder. AJ finally figured out that he wasn’t the one to kill Connie Falconeri and that Ava Jerome was. Connie wrote “AJ” in her own blood causing Sonny to believe that AJ Quartemaine is responsible for his love’s death. Today we all learned that AJ is innocent. Sonny however is none the wiser. After Sonny walked in on AJ choking Ava, just as he walked in on him choking Connie at one point, Sonny had enough. In a fit of rage, Sonny pulled the trigger. Meanwhile, Michael is assuring Monica that Sonny has promised him he wouldn’t hurt AJ.

It looks as if Ava is still in the clear for now. With AJ being shot and unable to reveal the truth, Ava will be able to keep up her lies and false innocence in regards to killing Connie. What will happen to AJ next? The question everyone wants an answer to is whether or not Sean Kanan is leaving General Hospital. Ito has been noted somewhere that Head Writer, Ron Carlivati stated that Sean (and AJ) are not going anywhere. General Hospital Blog will update fans with the validity of this statement as soon as a definite source can be revealed. In the mean time… Keep watching General Hospital!

How Will Sonny Handle Connie’s Memorial?

Michael convinced his Father to make a last decision involving him and Connie. He told him not to do anything that he can’t live with. Ultimately. Michael convinced Sonny to attend Connie’s memorial service.

Things are looking pretty intense and Sonny’s emotions are running high.

How do you think he will handle himself at the funeral?

Check out what Maurice Benard tweeted today regarding what’s next! @MauriceBenardMB

General Hospital’s Maurice Benard on Upcoming GH Stories!

General Hospital’s very own Maurice Benard (Sonny Corinthos) has got us more than anxious for what’s to come. We thought things were intense in Port Charles these past few weeks, well Maurice let’s us know that we ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

Check out the official Twitter message from @MauriceBenardMB !

Who Killed Connie?

Sonny walked in on the unthinkable… as he went into Connie’s office he saw his love lying on the floor with a gunshot wound. AJ was out for blood, but we didn’t see him do it. Ava Jerome also has a violent past and wanted revenge on Connie for blowing her secret about Kiki out of the water. What do the fans think? Was it AJ, Ava, or an unknown third party?

Connie Dies on General Hospital!

Today on General Hospital, shots are fired in this unforgettable episode. Today may be the day Connie dies. AJ is out for revenge and after publishing Ava’s secret about Kiki, Connie is on the top of his list. AJ feels as if he has lost everything since he lost ELQ. He isn’t in a right state of mind and has even hurt the one person who actually cares about him, Liz. With AJ’s anger running deep, will he be the one to end Connie’s life?
The Jerome family also have motive to want Connie out of the picture. After all, she is the one who spilled Ava’s secret that Kiki is not a Quartermaine. Julian is out to take Sonny down, so why not start with taking out his girlfriend?
Lives will change today in Port Charles!

Lisa LoCicero Talks Maurice Benard, Kelly Sullivan, Contracts and Exits!

In a recent interview found on MichaelFairmansoaps.com, Lisa LoCicero answers questions involving her story line, working with Maurice Benard, Olivia and Sonny’s relationship, losing Connie, and letting go of Kelly Sullivan on General Hospital.

When asked about Olivia’s hallucinations, she reveals that she gets mixed reviews from the fans. Some love it, some don’t, but regardless of what they are writing for her character, Lisa says she has a great time playing it all.

Lisa is happy to be working so closely with Maurice Benard. She feels that Olivia and Sonny have a long history and share a son together, which means becoming a real family is definitely a viable option.

In regards to the unfortunate news that actress Kelly Sillivan who plays Connie Falconeri/Kate Howard had been let go, Lisa explains what a difficult time it was for the cast who work closely with Kelly. Kelly is such a talented actress. It was a very emotional time filming the last scenes with her good friend and on screen cousin. She proceeds to elaborate on the coincidence of the two ladies announcements… during the same time, news came out that Kelly Sullivan had been let go from General Hospital while Lisa LoCicero had just signed a new contract with the show. It was a rough time for the cast and for the fans.

To read the entire interview click here.

Kelly Sullivan Leaving GH

A few days ago we were informed that the actress playing Connie Falconeri (Kelly Sullivan) has been let go from General Hospital. With this news fans rushed to defend the actress and the character she has portrayed flawlessly since taking on the role after the exit of Megan Ward.

Today we accomplished a small goal. On Twitter, we were able to get the fans to trend #KeepKelly It was a success! Please help trend #KeepKelly all week while General Hospital airs at 2PM Eastern time.


Get the word out the Writers and Executives at GH and ABC!

Here is how you can help:

If you don’t want to see Kelly go, please do your part and maybe we can make a difference.

CALL the comment lines @ 323-671-4583 (GH), 818-460-7477  ext. 1 (ABC)

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Will There be a Sonny, Connie, and Olivia Love Triangle?

Connie has been noticeably jealous when it comes to Sonny and Olivia’s relationship and connection. They have a long history and are connected by their son, Dante. Lately Olivia has been day dreaming about times with Sonny and small gestures that make her feel close to him. Today on General Hospital, Connie and Olivia disclose their feelings regarding Sonny. Will this end up being an ugly love triangle between the old Bensonhurst crew? Or will either women surrender and let the other have him?

Who REALLY Shot Olivia?

Everyone believes that Carly set the hit in motion to have Shawn shoot Franco. Sonny and Dante are furious, Shawn and Carly are overcome with guilt, and Franco is relieved to be alive. But was the bullet really meant for Franco? There was another shooter and the target wasn’t Franco… Someone is gunning for Olivia (literally)! Is Connie next? But who? Why? Tune in to General Hospital tomorrow, Monday, June 24th for the big reveal!

Will Olivia Survive?

Everyone in Port Charles is pulling for Olivia to make it through. Some with genuine love, and others with a combination of  true emotion and personal benefit. A lot is riding on Olivia’s fate. Will she survive? If she dies, Shawn has to live with what he has done, Carly may meet her demise, Dante loses a Mother, and Connie loses her cousin and best friend.

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