General Hospital’s Kelly Sullivan (Connie Falconeri) Returns to Daytime

Actress Kelly Sullivan joined the cast of General Hospital in 2011. She played the role of fashion icon and magazine owner, Kate Howard. Kate had an alter personality, Connie Falconeri. She and Sonny Corinthos had a romantic past and present. She grew up in Bensonhurst with her cousin Olivia Falconeri.

Just as Connie had it all, the job, the man, the support of her friends and family, Ava Jerome decided that Connie knew too much about the Jerome organization and it was time for her to disappear. Ava killed Connie and pinned the murder on AJ Quartermaine.

GH and daytime fans have missed the talented actress since she left GH in 2013. It has been confirmed that Kelly Sullivan has landed a new role on CBS The Young and the Restless. Sullivan comments, “I’m incredibly honored and flattered to even be considered to be part of the ‘Young and the Restless’ family.  I’m also thrilled to be working with (Executive Producer) Jill Farren Phelps again like we did on GH.”

She started taping on September 24th, and is said to debut as ‘Sage’ on October 28th.