General Hospital Spoilers: Dante Pushes Lulu Right Into Dillon’s Arms

Lulu1Dante has messed up, big time! He made a huge assumption last week when he followed Lulu and saw her meet up in a hotel room with her high school ex-boyfriend, Dillon Quartermaine. Dante immediately thought the worst, that his wife and the mother of their son, was cheating on him. We all know that is certainly not the case, as Lulu and Dillon set out to help her parents, Luke and Laura, save her brother, Lucky.

Dante was upset with the assumption that Lulu had been cheating, and instead of waiting until she returned to confront her, he confided in her cousin, Valerie Spencer, and ended up taking her to bed. Now that Dante knows the truth, as Lulu pleads for forgiveness for lying to him about her true whereabouts, he is guilt stricken by how he handled the situation.

Dante and Lulu are definitely a fan favorite couple, and fans have been outraged that Dante would do such a thing, as he has always been an honest man. It’s true that he has always been an honest, family man, but he also has a certain part of his personality that has been insecure when it comes to his relationship. He has a jealous streak, and he jumps to conclusions about his wife and her intentions.

This might be the last straw for Lulu. It’s ironic that Lulu found herself apologixing to Dante, for saving her brother, all the while he was sleeping with her cousin. Could this be what drives Lulu straight into Dillon’s arms? Perhaps Dante will get what he deserves, and what he accused his wife of, will now actually happen.

What do you think, are Dante and Lulu over for good or will they be able to see past one other’s mistakes and find their way back to each other?

Dante and Lulu: Whose Side Are You On? Find Out What Team We Are On!

ValDanteFor us over at General Hospital Blog, this one is a no-brainer. However, there have been many General Hospital fans who have been arguing the opposing side. There have been countless debates in General Hospital Facebook groups such as Loyal General Hospital fans, arguing for and against each party. Here is what we think…

I’m just going to lay it out on the table, nice and bluntly. Dante was just diagnosed with foot in mouth disease. Seriously, I mean, how stupid should he feel right now? Jumping to the assumption that his wife, Lulu, would immediately jump into bed with her ex, Dillon Quartermaine just days after he arrived back in Port Charles, I mean, come on! Does he not know his wife at all? After all they have been through, dating, through marriage, and through trying to conceive little Rocco, does Dante think Lulu would throw that all away at the drop of a dime? Apparently, he does think that, and it’s actually what HE ended up doing. Yes Lulu lied to her husband, but lying to protect her brother’s life doesn’t even come close to justify being cheated on.

The opposing side, those who blame Lulu, claim that she is at fault for not trusting her own husband. When will Dante (and the fans) realize that this ISN’T about Dante? Certain situations have a great way of exposing people’s egotistical mind set. Dante just had to make this about HIMSELF. God forbid he put himself in Lulu’s shoes, and tried to understand that her own brother’s life was at stake, and that her parents made her swear not to tell a soul, especially a cop. The risk was just too great. If anything had happened to Lucky because Lulu felt the need to feed Dante’s ego and let him in on the secret, life threatening situation, that would be an awful burden for her to bare for the rest of her life.

Not only did Dante ASSUME his loving, devoted, wife, his partner in life, was screwing around with her ex-boyfriend from her teen years, he then tried justifying his continued anger with her due to the fact that “she lied.”

As stated before, this to GH Blog is a no-brainer. Dante should have waited to confront his wife before acting out on what he THOUGHT his wife had done to him. Was this just an excuse for him to get with Valerie? Deep down, did Dante want a reason to sleep with Lulu’s cousin?

We won’t go that far as of yet, but we do feel that Dante is reaching. Now Dante must justify his betrayal to himself and he is coming up with an excuse for his behavior. He is even throwing Luke into this argument. He is displaying feelings of jealousy toward his father-in-law, and his wife’s devotion to helping him. Dante has some serious insecurity issues that he needs to address STAT, in our honest opinion.

We want to know what the fans think! Are you #TeamDante or #TeamLulu?

General Hospital Spoilers: Dante and Lulu; The Fallout

LantefalloutDante and Lulu have been through practically everything together. They have experienced a beautiful yet tragic courtship, wedded bliss, pregnancy complications, kidnappings, Magic Milo, and much more. General Hospital spoilers now reveal that Dante and Lulu’s marriage will be put to the test. As Lulu and Dillon remain bonded by their secret, Dante will need someone to confide in when he witnesses Lulu and Dillon sharing intimate time together, in secret. It’s apparent that Dante will take what he sees and interpret it in a way that differs from the reality of what is going on. General Hospital rumors have been circulating that Dante will react to his suspicion of Lulu and Dillon becoming romantically involved, and lean on Lulu’s cousin, Valerie. Although the audience is well aware the the secret Lulu and Dillon are harboring isn’t even their own, but Luke and Laura’s, Dante remains in the dark.

It looks like the happiest couple in Port Charles is headed for a tragic end. These two have been through the ringer, to hell and back… will they be able to overcome Lulu’s secret, Dante’s insecurity, and Valerie’s shoulder to cry on?

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Dante and Lulu Slowly Falling Apart

Fans are totally resistant to the story line that seems like it’s obviously underway. We can see that slowly but surely Dante and Lulu’s marriage will be unraveling and coming apart at the seams. They are one of the few married couples on GH that have stuck together through thick and thin. A young couple, with a toddler son, they seem like the perfect little family.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Dante and Lulu will go through some major turmoil in the near future. General Hospital rumors claim that Valerie and Dillon will break these two soul mates apart. Although Valerie isn’t purposely putting herself between Dante and her cousin Lulu, she has made her way closer to Dante inadvertently. She now works side by side with Dante at the PCPD, the two spend a lot of time together, and she stuck by his side when he was accused of being racist. Dillon is also there for Lulu, not intentionally trying to steal her away from Dante, but as a caring friend. These two share the same secret about Luke and Laura, and are both lying to people they love.

We can see it happening before Dante, Lulu, Valerie and Dillon even realize what is about to happen. Watching the destruction of Dante and Lulu’s marriage in slow motion is like torture to some GH fans, as “Lante” have a huge fan base. It’s pretty apparent that if Dante cheats on Lulu with Valerie it will be extremely out of character for this old fashioned, Italian man. It definitely won’t be intentional, Dante will most likely start feeling closer to Valerie as Lulu continues to shut him out. Although Lulu is torn up inside about lying to Dante, it must be done to protect her brother Lucky. Since Dillon is the only one she can lean on, she and Dillon may grow closer and closer, causing her to drift from her husband.

What do you think about the demise of the sweetest couple on General Hospital? Will Dante and Lulu fall apart, and will they ever find their way back to one another after all the dust settles?



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General Hospital Spoilers: Major Couple is Torn Apart

General Hospital’s Executive Producer, Frank Valentini loves to use social media to keep fans informed and at the edge of their seats. If you have a twitter account, following Valentini will let you in on some of the best General Hospital spoilers! Although he doesn’t reveal more than is necessary, Frank Valentini’s tweets regarding upcoming episodes, plot twists, shocking story lines and more can be found regularly on your twitter feed.

Last week via twitter, Valentini revealed a new General Hospital spoiler involving a major couple. It looks as though a fan favorite duo will soon experience turmoil and will be torn apart. Recent General Hospital spoilers have leaked that Lulu’s new found cousin, Valerie Spencer (Brytni Sarpy) will need a shoulder to cry on. GH rumors have been circulating, considering a shocking twist for the happy Falconeri family. Will Dante sleep with Lulu’s cousin, Valerie? That’s the word out on the street anyways. Dante has always been 100% devoted to Lulu, they are a down to Earth, loving, married couple with an adorable child. If these GH spoilers and rumors are true, what could possibly be going through Dante’s head to make him sleep with another woman?

Frank Valentini’s tweet could very well be referring to any major GH couple such as Maxie and Spinelli, Maxie and Nathan, Sonny and Carly… but to coincide with the recent rumors that Dante will sleep with Valerie, it’s definitely a possibility. What do the fans think? Do you think Dante and Lulu need a little shaking up, or do you admire their loyalty and devotion to each other and their family?