General Hospital News And Spoilers: Emme Rylan Says YES To A GH Return

The exit of General Hospital star, Emme Rylan, and her character Lulu Spencer Falconeri’s unfortunate situation has had more fan discussions on similar scenarios than those of recent times. The ups and downs regarding status updates surrounding Rylan’s return has fans getting whip lash.

A few months ago, General Hospital rumors began claiming Emme was contacted by TPTB. Rylan took to Instagram to reveal that was a false rumor. This came after GH fans learned that Emme and her family would be cutting their year long road trip short, and moving back to LA.

More recent General Hospital spoilers revealed Rylan won’t be returning to General Hospital any time in the near future. She announced that she and her family have decided to move to St. Louis. But she assured fans she will frequently be visiting LA for auditions and to spend time with her sister.

General Hospital news reports that Rylan has more to say on the topic of retuning to GH. When replying to a fam comment on her recent IG post, Emme disclosed that she would come back to GH if they were to call. She replied, “I will be back if GH calls!”

General Hospital comings and goings reports will be shared as GH news reports make any changes to Rylan’s status with the soap opera.

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