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GH Promo: Heather Webber is Back!

Check out what Heather is up to in Port Charles. There is a lot going on with the Mothers of Port Charles. What is up with Starr? Could Cole or Hope be alive? Sam wants Danny back, and Anna misses Robin.

General Hospital Shockers!

According to a Tweet by General Hospital’s head writer Ron Carlivati, Sam and Anna are in for the shock of their lives this week on GH. This is so exciting! We have waited so long to have Anna find out about Robin, and Sam find out about her baby! This is going to be good…

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Are You Ready for More Robin Scorpio Drake?

This week on General Hospital has been so intense with the return of Kimberly McCullough as Robin Scorpio Drake! Jason Thompson is doing a stellar job with these intense scenes. He makes loss and grief on a soap completely realistic and I am glad to see that he isn’t over Robin in one hot minute. I am hoping that Patrick and Anna don’t over look their instincts and mistake them for delusions and mind games for long. It would be nice to see them come to each other with their thoughts about Robin being alive so that they can share that they feel the same. Anna and Patrick teaming up to find Robin would be an awesome story! How much does Heather really have to do with it? Is she behind the whole thing, or just have an inside track? Rumors are that Dr. Ewen Keenan has a secret… could it be related to Robin, or the Cassadines? Something big is brewing here. This truly is a General Hospital Block Buster Summer!

Robin Scorpio Returning to GH….. Oh Heather!

WOW! What an ending to GH today! Heather Webber stating to ANNA, Robin’s own Mother, nonetheless, that Robin is alive. What a shock! I am so excited they are touching on the Robin story a lot sooner than expected. Even if Kimberly McCullough is not ready to come back to GH full term, I appreciate the fact that the story is not just being forgotten and suddenly brought up months or years down the road. Giving us a taste of what is coming is the perfect way to keep the fans wanting more. I don’t know about everyone else, but I am LOVING how these story lines are not drawn out for months on end. It seems more fast paced now. I am not getting bored with anything. They really know how to keep us on our toes. Heather Webber, played by Robin Mattson is one of my favorite characters. She is the perfect villain, and plays the crazy oh so well. Since she has been on the show, the plots have been so exciting, dramatic, and suspenseful. It was such a great move bringing this long time GH character back to the canvas. It is still uncertain if Kimberly McCullough is back to reprise the role of Robin long term. Kimberly is loved by all and it would be such an asset to the show to have her back. Scrubs was an amazing duo. Their family was a realistic reflection of family life. Working parents, an adorable child,  a loving Grandma, and a doting Grandfather figure. Little Emma will get her Mother back some day. If only that could be true for every child…. oh the beauty of soaps. :-)

General Hospital Keeps Getting Better

Whether you love, despise, like, or could care less about some of the story lines on GH right now, no one can deny that General Hospital is at an outstanding high. There is so much excitement going on in Port Charles it is impossible to not be hooked. I totally understand the frustration of certain fan bases, because not all fans are going to be happy 100 percent of the time. But think about it, how would that even be possible? Right now, The Sonny and Brenda fans loathe the Sonny and Kate (SKate) pairing. The JaSam fans hate the fact that Liz is even breathing, and the baby switch story? Forget it! The writers are getting a lot of crap for a lot of things, but I really think it comes with the territory. Soap fans are dedicated and devoted, and basically throw their souls into the characters and couples they love most. No matter which story line is fueling your fire or feeding your passion for the show, we have to give credit to the writers and producers for keeping General Hospital and all it’s fans on the edges of their seats, and I am personally grateful for how the stories have been handled lately. In all the 20 years I have been watching this show, I have never witnessed such progression in the plots. For the first time, the stories aren’t being dragged on for decades. Take today’s episode for instance, Sam confronts Jason about the attack on McBain. In the past, this NEVER would have happened so fast. She would have hemmed and hawed, confided in someone else, Jason would have tried to hide it from Sam, someone would overhear something… so on and so forth. I LOVE the fact that they are just rolling right along, REALISTICALLY. I think that is what is keeping everyone on their toes. There is no down time. Even Heather tampering with the paternity, the big reveal that Jason is the daddy, didn’t take that long to come out. Sure we found out a few months ago that Franco was the baby’s Father, and we all speculated that Heather had something to do with it. But the truth came out fast and easy. It was enjoyable to watch Heather with the results directly, no beating around the bush, no guessing games. I really want to say how amazing Ron Carlivati and Frank Valentini and all the other cast and crew are making this show. The actors have been stellar and giving it their all. This is such a great time for General Hospital and we have the cast and crew to thank. Please keep supporting our show!

Heather Webber!

As much as I hate to dedicate an entire blog post to this creeper, I think it’s necessary! Wow, I am thoroughly entertained with this wack-a-doodle. Although my memory of her is solid, yet the specifics are vague, I remember her intensity and the actress’ undeniable talent to play this role. Hats off to Robin Mattson for making me feel the crazy again this time around. It’s always intense when there is another lunatic running around Port Charles. Anthony Zacchara just doesn’t cut it alone. Every town needs more than one villain. When Steve described the connection between Heather and Luke to Olivia he used the terms, “unhealthy fixation.” Yeaaahhhh I think that’s an understatement! This bitch is is dangerous, AND hilaroius!