General Hospital Spoilers: Esme Brings Ace Into The Hospital, Felicia and Ace’s Instinctive Bond Peaks Esme’s Curiosity

Mac and Felicia are Esme’s parents
Mac and Felicia are Esme’s parents

Felicia Jones (Kristina Wagner) is ready for a change. Clearly, leads a fulfilling life in Port Charles. Despite the good ole days of WSB adventures, romantic entanglements, and rescue missions, Felicia longs for something more. Or, maybe it’s not more that she hopes to find. Perhaps she seeks something different.

Aside from her impressive career wrap sheet, Felicia has been reflecting on her family life. While there will always be some other adventure to catch, Felicia and Mac’s grandkids only grow up once in a lifetime. The day to day has Felicia grateful for her impressive career, her children and grandchildren, and of course, Mac. Two major life events had a strong impact on Felicia’s at of life. Sadly, Felicia missed much of her daughter’s lives and wasn’t present for their most precious moments. And how she feels about what happened to Georgie never seems to ease up.

Moreover, Felicia and Mac Scorpio (John J. York) previously mentioned that they don’t have kids together. Although he considers Maxie, Georgie, and Robin as his own, the fact remains that Mac doesn’t know that he has a biological child and that it’s Cody Bell (Josh Kelly). Grandparenthood comes so naturally to them both… as of becoming grandparents was their destiny.

According to General Hospital spoilers, Felicia finds fulfillment in working as a Patient Advocate at General Hospital. As a result of her new career path, Felicia is able to connect with patients while advocating on their behalf. Needless to say, but it’s understandable that someone in that position is likely to develop deep friendships and bonds. Oddly, GH rumors hint that the former WSB Agent, Felicia Jones Scorpio, gets to know Esme Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl) and her son Ace (Jay and Joey Clay) when he’s brought to the hospital with a medical issue.

Previously, GH rumors claimed that Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Linstrom) and Heather Webber are not actually Esme’s biological parents. Instead, many GH fans believe that Esme was mostly likely kidnapped by Ryan, Heather, or both at some point. Put that together with Soap Opera logic and math that isn’t mathing (most will understand the joke), and we just might have a story about Esme’s REAL biological parents.

Will Felicia’s new career path lead her and Mac down an unexpected road? It’s only natural that Felicia would connect with Esme and Ace if she’s assigned as his Patient Advocate. After all, the instinctive bond between a mother and her children/grandchildren is undeniable.

Are Felicia and Mac Esme’s biological parents?? As for Mac, will he learn that he has not one child, but two?!