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General Hospital Spoilers: Sam Learns a Secret

With all that is going around right now in Port Charles, it isn’t surprising that someone’s secret gets accidentally exposed. In recent General Hospital spoiler leaks, it has been revealed that Sam overhears a private conversation. As of right now, we are uncertain who this conversation involves and what could possibly be about, but there are many scenarios to consider.

Just to name a few, first, another General Hospital spoiler states that Molly is clued in on Ric’s plans. If Sam overhears a conversation that involves Ric scheming Jake, Sam just might get closer to figuring out that Jake is actually Jason.

Another possibility could be that she overhears Olivia, or someone talking about Olivia. More General Hospital spoilers claim that another person, other than Franco and Nina know about Olivia’s secret. It could very well be Sam who finds out because she fits perfectly into the story. After all, she is Julian Jerome’s daughter, and that child Olivia is carrying is also Julian’s child.

Finally, there is Nikolas, Sam’s cousin. He has a lot to hide right now in regard to his cousin Sam and her husband Jason, and his involvement with psycho granny, Helena. This too could bring Sam closer to discovering her husband has been right in front of her for months.

What do you think is the secret Sam learns in a private conversation she overhears? Let us know if one of these scenarios seems plausible, or if you have any other ideas in mind.

Kimberly McCullough Returns

The last anyone has heard from Robin Scorpio Drake is when she lead her loved ones to believe she was moving to Paris by her own desire, even though we the audience know that Helena (Constance Towers) is forcing her to stay away from Port Charles. Robin and Patrick have since divorced, and Patrick (Jason Thompson) has moved on with Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco).

The latest General Hospital rumors indicate that Robin will be headed back to Port Charles just in time for the Annual Nurses Ball event. This year, the Nurses Ball is to honor the memory of Robin’s first true love, Stone Cates (Michael Sutton). Brother to Jagger Cates (Antonio Sabato Jr.), and good friend of Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard), Stone meant a lot to the people of Port Charles.

Robin’s in and out has ruffled a few feather’s with fans, the uncertainty of this character’s future is unsettling to some. However, Robin is an iconic character, and the actress who portrays her is well respected by fans and TPTB at GH alike. As long as Kimberly McCullough wants to keep making appearances on General Hospital, it is safe to say that she will always have a home there.

It is uncertain how long Robin’s return will last this time around, perhaps long enough to tie of a few loose ends, or maybe even to create more.

General Hospital Blog will keep fans updated on the latest General Hospital spoilers, news, and any confirmation regarding the return of Kimberly McCullough as Robin.

General Hospital Spoilers: Hayden and Nikolas Have Sex

Fans were in shock when they saw the photo that is going around of Nikolas Cassadine (Tyler Christopher) engaging in a very intimate moment with newbie, Hayden BarnesĀ (If that’s even her name) (Rebecca Budig) . The moment Nikolas found out that some woman had come to Port Charles claiming Jake (Jason Morgan) as her husband, he knew that whoever she was, she was up to no good. He went to confront the con artist and she ended up fooling him into thinking she knew Helena. Not for long though, she admitted she knew nothing about Helena, but she made him well aware that she caught the fact that Nikolas knows who Jake really is.

Hayden was disappointed that her fake husband turned her down in bed, and she was also rejected by Ric Lansing (Rick Hearst). Ric is saving himself for Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca herbst) apparently, while Hayden goes unsatisfied. Perhaps Nikolas and Hayden make a deal. Since she knows Nikolas knows the truth about Jake’s identity, will she blackmail him into sleeping with her to keep quiet? Jason and Sam fans are getting restless, and the hate for Nikolas is starting to grow among those who just want Jason (Billy Miller) and Sam (Kelly Monaco) to be together already.

How long will we have to wait to see this story unravel? Well, General Hospital rumors are suggesting that Jason and Sam won’t be reunited until November. GH Blog will keep you posted on the latest GH spoilers, updates, plot twists and more. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on this prolonged JaSam reunion.

General Hospital Spoilers: Will Nikolas Spoil Ric’s Plans?

Ric thinks his plan is flawless, Hayden is one hell of an actress, leading Jake Doe to believe he is really Jacob Barnes. However, Ric is unaware that there is one person in Port Charles who knows the truth about Jake Doe. Nikolas is keeping his grandmother’s secret, that Jake is actually Jason Morgan. Although Sam Morgan is Nik’s cousin, he still hasn’t told her the truth, that her husband, Jason Morgan is alive and living his life right there in Port Charles.

Since Nik got wind of Hayden’s arrival from Elizabeth that Jake is supposedly married, he is on the hunt to find this foe wife of Jason’s. Nikolas knows that it is completely impossible for Jake to be married to anyone else but Sam.

With all of the General Hospital rumors and speculations floating around in regard to how Nik is going to play this out, the question is, will he confront Ric and tell the truth, or will he make a proposition to Ric and/Hayden to keep this scheme going?

Let us know what you think. What side of the game will Nikolas play on? Is he going to expose Ric and finally let Sam know that Jason is alive, or will he keep Helena’s secret and use his knowledge to blackmail Ric?


General Hospital Spoilers: Jake Has A Dream

Before Jake Doe was operated on by Dr. Patrick Drake, he had a very revealing memory which let him know who he really is. He tried to mutter out the words to his friend and nurse, Elizabeth Webber, but the anesthesia prevented him from getting out what he needed to say. The entire time Jake was in surgery, Liz was hoping that Jake would be able to tell her, and everyone else his true identity.

Fans along with Jake and everyone who now knows him as Jake, were disappointed when the thought he had before surgery was gone. Even after Patrick performed the operation in hopes to undo what Helena had done, Jake still doesn’t have any memory of his past life.

New General Hospital spoilers indicate that by the end of this week, Jake will have a dream that is more like a memory. His dream will lead him to who he really is, and possibly indicate his relationship with his wife, Sam, his son, Danny, as well as other close friends and family.

Nikolas is well aware of Jake’s true identity and struggles with having to withhold the truth from his cousin Sam, and his friend Liz. Helena has threatened him and is blackmailing him into not telling. But will Jake remember who he is before Nik even has a chance to do the right thing?

What do you think? Is it finally over? Will Jake remember that he is actually Jason Morgan this week on General Hospital? Watch it all unfold weekdays on ABC at 2PM Eastern.