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Liz Sees Dead People


The newest rumor flying around the General Hospital fan media is that Elizabeth sees the dead… or not so dead. Rumor has it that she is either going crazy to think she is seeing people who have been thought to be dead, or she actually sees these people. Supposedly there will be three.

The question is, who could they be? Some names have been thrown out there and these are just a few the fans came up with… Jason, Ric, AJ. However, if one of them she sees is Jason whom we know is coming back to GH, (Billy Miller), it might make sense that the other two are possible Stavros and Helena. After all, Victor Cassadine needed Robin’s help to bring some Cassadine’s back from there cryogenic state.

If this rumor ends up being true, and Liz is about to see three people she thought were dead, who do you think they would be?  Comment below with your guesses!


Find Out What’s Going on with Luke!

Do you want to know what has been going on with Luke Spencer? His family and friends are noticing a change in his behavior. The fans have speculated things such as Luke being brainwashed, drugged, or that the man walking the streets of Port Charles and calling himself Luke is actually an imposter. What we do know is that Luke is really “Fluke,” or fake-Luke if you will. Bottom line is Luke is not really Luke and today on General Hospital there will be the big reveal.

Fans have been trying to guess who is behind all of this. We have heard rumors such as Bill Eckert, Stavros Cassadine, Helena Cassadine, and more! If you have any ideas of who the Fluke man really is, please comment below and share with us on our Facebook page!

Don’t forget to watch General Hospital today at 2PM Eastern!


Luke Spencer Lives!

“Luke Spencer Lives” is what Luke himself shouted out to Helena after she came to him in a near death experience. Luke is determined to live and we have every reason to believe he will do so. Not only because he is Luke Spencer and, but also because Robin is the one supposedly working on the cure. Luke is a legend and Robin is a brilliant doctor. His chances of survival are very high in my opinion.

In Olivia’s vision, she saw Luke lying in a casket but then awaken and say he needs Spanks. Will Tracy get to Luke? Will they find the cure, or the person working on the cure in time?


Does Luke’s Quest to Save Himself Lead Straight to Robin?

Even from the grave Helena is able to cause Luke and the Spencer family misery. This time, Luke my pay the ultimate price, his life. Luke is on a quest to find the antidote for the radiation poisoning Helena gave to Luke via his own earring. Since last Summer, Jerry Jack’s life was in danger when he suffered from the same thing. He then poisoned the PC water supply and hit up the wealthiest residents in Port Charles to pay him for the cure. Jerry needed that money for his antidote. Luke is set to find Jerry in hopes that he has some answers.

I don’t know if you all remember, but back when Faison, Dr. Obrecht, Robert, Duke, Anna, and Robin were at the institution in Switzerland, there was a very brief Jerry Jacks cameo. Somehow he and Faison, Dr. Obrecht and Jerry are tied together. If you don’t remember, here is a little snippet from when this took place.

So will Luke’s quest to save himself lead to Robin’s return?


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The Spencers vs. The Cassadines

Just as we thought Luke and the rest of the Spencer clan defeated Helena and her evil spawn Stavros, we got a huge surprise. Even dead Helena is out to take Luke down. In her DVD to Luke, Helena mentions that if he is watching the DVD, then she is indeed dead. The DVD offered more information about Luke’s medical condition than the doctor was able to offer him. Earlier that day, he was told by his doctor that there was a foreign toxin in his body. One that did not occur naturally, but one that was introduced by an outside factor. Luke learned that he was poisoned by Helena through his very one earring. She had it laced with a toxin that would slowly attack his body, ultimately killing him.

With Tracy by his side, Luke faces an epic battle against Helena Cassadine. She is so powerful that she can even torture him after her death. Do you think Luke will combat this poison? Will he live to see his grandchild?

Stavros Cassadine is Back to Torture the Spencer Family

This week’s SHOCKING return, the return of the evil Helena Cassadine’s presumed dead son, Stavros. Stavros, Nikolas Cassadine’s Father, was “killed” by Luke Spencer back in 2001. For 10 years, the residents of Port Charles breathed a bit easier knowing that the lethal man was gone from the Earth only leaving his Mother Helena to reek havoc on the Spencer family. But ten years later, Luke and Laura received the shock of their lives.

Since the return of Stavros this week, we have learned that Helena was keeping him alive all these years. Helena, Grandmother of Nikolas was keeping Stavros a secret in order to nurse him back to health and become stronger than ever. She succeeded and when he became well, he was fixated on a woman he saw in Istanbul. He had believed that woman to be his former love/infatuation Laura, but in actuality it was Lulu. he wants her all to himself and will stop at nothing to get her. He is the one who sent her the Ice Princess. When Nikolas found out about this, he had every intention of coming back to Port Charles to warn Lulu about this. Nikolas was too late, Lulu was already missing, and Stavros had Nikolas shot.

Dante saw Lulu through a window of a door in the Cassadine chamber lying there. Will Dante be able to get to her before it’s too late?

TV Guide Interview with Ron Carlivati: Cassadine Island, Sam’s Daddy, The Return of Stavros and More!

Today’s General Hospital revealed yet another well kept secret… GH’s  Stavros Cassadine played by Robert Kelker Kelly has returned from the dead. And who thought the Cassadine/Spencer war was over? Luke, Laura, and Lulu are in a world of danger with this psychotic villain in the picture. Check out the TV Guide interview with General Hospital Head Writer, Ron Carlivati. He touches on hot topics such as Helena, The Spencer/Cassadines, Sam’s Daddy and more!

Check out the interview by clicking here.

Lulu Receives the Original Ice Princess

Lulu received a mysterious gift. When she opened it, she and Dante thought it was strange and brushed it off as a joke. When Dante and Lulu ran into her parents, Luke and Laura, Lulu showed them the “black rock,.” or as Lulu referred to it as a “burnt cake pop.” Both had shocked looks on their faces and asked Lulu where she got that from. Dante and Lulu admitted that they didn’t know where it came from. Is this the new beginning of Helena’s reign of terror? The Cassadines were responsible for this little rock way back long ago when it almost froze the world. Will history repeat itself or will things be even worse this time around? With the Ice Princess resurfacing, this could also mean that more Cassadines will be resurfacing as well. Helena’s true motive will eventually be revealed.