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Sam and Danny in Danger from Helena’s Curse

JakedrawingWe haven’t heard much about Helena’s curse since the day she “cast her spell” onto Sam Morgan. Helena was lying in her death bed, and although she acted as if she needed to reveal her wrongs so that she could die in peace, she left one classic piece of herself behind… a curse.

Helena and Sam’s mom, Alexis, have never been each other’s favorite people. Although Alexis is a Cassadine, she has lived her adult life as an outsider, other than keeping in contact with her nephew, Nikolas.

It’s no surprise that Helena hates Sam as much as she does Alexis, and now Sam has to live with knowing that this evil woman has put a curse on her.

Lately, the only person that seems to be continuously crossing Sam’s path in a negative way, is Elizabeth’s son Jake. Jake was presumed dead for a few years, and recently we learned that he was kept on Cassadine Island. There is no telling what type of mind tricks and brain washing Helena has done to that child. Everyone found it to be quite odd that Helena would return Jake back to Liz in one piece, without expecting anything in return.

General Hospital rumors have been swirling since the day Jake came back to Port Charles, that there is something off about that child. He could quite possibly be the source of Helena’s curse. Based on the drawing he made in art therapy with Franco, it’s easy to come to the assumption that he has it out for Sam and Danny. In that disturbing picture, it shows Liz and Jake happily frolicking while Sam and Danny lay lifeless and bloody on the ground.

Did Helena program Jake to go after Sam and Danny? Let us know what you think! Is Jake the key to Helena’s curse on Sam?

General Hospital Spoilers: Jake’s Drawings Concern Franco

JakearttherapyGeneral Hospital spoilers reveal that Elizabeth is worried that what has been going on with Jason has taken a toll on their son, Jake. Elizabeth, reluctant to open up to Franco, ends up confiding in him regarding Jake’s recent behavior.
Jake has a sit down session with Franco for a little art therapy, and what Franco sees in Jake’s drawings leaves him concerned.

Could it be something more than what is going on between Jason and Liz that has got Jake drawing what’s on his mind? Jake was held captive by Helena Cassadine and there’s no telling what when on in the time Jake was away from his family. General Hospital rumors have previously suggested that something went on on Cassadine Island and little Jake isn’t ¬†exactly what we think.

You’ll have to keep tuning into ABC’s General Hospital, and referring back to General Hospital Blog to find out!


Source and Photo via Nathan Varni

What Has Been Your Favorite Farewell Scene for Luke and His Loved Ones?

HelenaandLukeWe only have about two weeks left until Luke Spencer leaves Port Charles forever. Tony Geary and his co-stars have outdone themselves in these moving farewell scenes for Luke.

Jonathan Jackson (Lucky), Nathan Parsons (Ethan), Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth), and Constance Towers (Helena), have been absolutely amazing thus far.

There is more to come in these emotion-filled, next two weeks! Which scenes have been your favorite thus far? Who tugged at your heart strings the most?