General Hospital Spoilers: Jake’s Drawings Concern Franco

JakearttherapyGeneral Hospital spoilers reveal that Elizabeth is worried that what has been going on with Jason has taken a toll on their son, Jake. Elizabeth, reluctant to open up to Franco, ends up confiding in him regarding Jake’s recent behavior.
Jake has a sit down session with Franco for a little art therapy, and what Franco sees in Jake’s drawings leaves him concerned.

Could it be something more than what is going on between Jason and Liz that has got Jake drawing what’s on his mind? Jake was held captive by Helena Cassadine and there’s no telling what when on in the time Jake was away from his family. General Hospital rumors have previously suggested that something went on on Cassadine Island and little Jake isn’t ¬†exactly what we think.

You’ll have to keep tuning into ABC’s General Hospital, and referring back to General Hospital Blog to find out!


Source and Photo via Nathan Varni

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