General Hospital Spoilers: Jake’s Drawings Concern Franco

Helena programmed Jake Webber
Helena programmed Jake Webber

Elizabeth Webber received a miracle. However, that doesn’t mean that her son Jake is out of the Spoon Island woods. According to General Hospital spoilers, Elizabeth is worried that what Jake’s experience is taking its toll. Reluctantly, Elizabeth opens up to Franco, and confides in him regarding Jake’s recent behavior. Then, Jake has a sit down session with Franco for a little art therapy, and what Franco sees in Jake’s drawings is unsettling.

Helena Programmed Jake Webber!

What is going on with little Jake Webber? GH rumors hint that there’s a sinister reason for Jake’s recent drawings. When Jake was held captive by Helena Cassadine and there’s no telling what he went through. But General Hospital rumors have previously suggested that Cassadine Island is to blame.

You’ll have to keep tuning into ABC’s General Hospital, and referring back to General Hospital Blog to find out!