General Hospital Spoilers: Spinelli and Sam Team Up, Get Closer to the Truth

Jackal P.I aka Damian Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) is back in Port Charles and he is ready to get back into the swing of things. Currently he is happy living with his love Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms Barash) and their daughter Georgie (Harper Rose Barash). When he first arrived in Port Charles, Spinelli had a run in with newcomer Billy Miller as Jake (Jason Morgan). Almost instantly, Spinelli found Jake to be oddly familiar and admitted that he reminds him very much of his best friend, Jason Morgan.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Spinelli asks his good friend and business partner, and wife of Jason Morgan, for help. General Hospital rumors have been circulating that Spinelli and Sam’s (Kelly Monaco) next P.I. case will be to investigate Jake. Spinelli has a sneaky suspicion about the guy Maxie referred to as “Jason’s body double.”

Spinelli may be very close to discovering Jake’s true identity. So far he has been the only one to see through the physical differences, and recognize familiarity in the way Jake speaks, as well as his body language. General Hospital Blog previously reported that GH Head Writer, Ron Carlivati is well aware of the fan’s restlessness to get this story moving. He assured fans that it will be sooner rather than later that Jason and Sam will have their long awaited reunion.


General Hospital Spoilers: Jake Finds His Real Wedding Ring

General Hospital Head Writer, Ron Carlivati gave a hint to fans as to what can be expected on today’s episode of General Hospital. In a General Hospital spoiler via twitter, Carlivati revealed that today, Jake (Billy Miller) may remember that he is Jason after discovering his wedding ring.

Previously, General Hospital Blog had reported Carlivati’s take on the JaSam reunion, and he made a statement that acknowledge GH fans were getting antsy in regard to waiting for Jake to find out he is Jason, and for Jason and Sam (Kelly Monaco) to have their long awaited reunion. Carlivati assured fans that it won’t be too long before the fans receive what they have been waiting desperately for, a JaSam reunion. That being said, with this newest GH spoiler regarding Jake finding Jason’s (his) wedding ring, it could definitely trigger memories of his life with Sam, bringing Jason and Sam, along with the fans, close to the big discover, and reunion.

Check out Carlivati’s tweet below. Let us know what you think, is it about time Jake figures out he is really Jason Morgan?


General Hospital Spoilers: GH Head Writer, Ron Carlivati Spills JaSam Reunion Timeline

Fantastic news for JaSam fans!

Fans have definitely been giving flack to the powers that be over at General Hospital. These days, fans have easy access to those who control what goes on with our favorite soap. Social media is used to express opinions, good or bad, give ideas, ask questions, and so on to those whom are influential to what happens over at General Hospital. Sometimes, it isn’t always pretty though. TPTB sometimes have to deal with a lot of negativity from so-called fans, many times leading to down right internet bullying.

General Hospital’s Head Writer, Ron Carlivati s well aware of the fan’s frustration when it comes to the timeline of Jason Morgan and Samantha’s happy reunion. The latest General Hospital rumors speculated that Nikolas would hold in what he knows as long as possible, and the probability of Patrick finding Alan Quartermaine’s wedding ring and actually saying something about it was slim to none. However, new General Hospital spoilers have been revealed that will lead us to believe the Jason and Sam Morgan reunion will be coming sooner rather than later.

Regarding the flat out truth of fan’s frustration, Ron Carlivati tells Soaps In Depth, “We’re very aware of it, and we have a plan as to when it will come out. It won’t be long (as in NOT as far away as November). Like with Nikolas finding out, there will be payoffs along the way, as we build to the really big moment when everybody finds out!” He then proceeds to say, “Todays’ audience is a little more impatient, and I fight against it, but sometime you have to give them what they want!”

It’s safe to say that despite the GH rumors that have been circulating, Jason and Sam will NOT have to wait until November to have their reunion. JaSam fans can rest easy knowing that Carlivati and the team at GH will be giving us what we all have been waiting for… and SOON!


General Hospital Spoilers: Patrick Finds Alan Quartermaine’s Ring, How Will He Handle This Discovery?

Just when we think that Jason and Sam are about to reconnect, General Hospital spoilers and rumors lead us to believe otherwise. This week on General Hospital, Sam Morgan rode on the back of a motorcycle with Jason- just like old times. Something about it just felt right to the both of them. Jake had memories/dreams of Sam the night before, and he isn’t sure what to think of them. Sam feels comfortable with Jake, even safe. The two were starting to reconnect on the motorcycle ride. However, it looks like that’s as far is the Jason and Sam reunion will go, for now.

General Hospital spoilers spill the beans that Patrick will find Alan Quartermaine’s wedding ring. Little Spencer found the ring in Nikolas’ safe at Windemere and brought it to Emma Drake, wanting a promise of commitment. Since the ring is in Patrick’s house, he will be the one to discover it. General Hospital rumors speculate that he isn’t quite sure what to make of this discovery and he will keep it to himself for quite a while. GH rumors have been claiming that this story will continue on until November, and that Jason and Sam will be kept apart until all of this unravels.

What will Patrick do this time around if he realizes that Jason is still alive? Now that he and Sam are more than just friends, will he be willing to give her up to her husband Jason? Patrick admitted to Emma that he loves Sam. If he couldn’t tell her the truth when they were just friends, it might be even more difficult to tell her now that her husband is alive.


General Hospital Spoilers: Ric’s Plan Backfires

Ric has always been an exception schemer. Who could forget how he came into Port Charles? He weaseled his way into his brother Sonny’s life under false pretenses, getting close to Sonny just to try and take him down. He kidnapped Carly while she was pregnant and locked her into a panic room, in a house he shared with Elizabeth. He lied to Elizabeth on a daily basis. Ric has done some questionable things around Port Charles, and there are more where those came from.

Ric’s latest scheme is just another way to get what he wants, Elizabeth. He is in love with Liz Webber as they found their way back to each other even after all the terrible things he did to her. However, when Liz thought Ric was dead, she started to have feelings for Jake (Jason) Doe. When Ric returned from the dead (or so everyone thought), he explained that he was in the witness protection program, and that he had been trying to get back to his love, Elizabeth. Since Liz and Jake were smack in the middle of a growing romance, Ric basically told Jake to get lost.

Some time has passed and Elizabeth has had time to try and sort out her feelings. She admitted that she has feelings for Jake, even though his past is uncertain. Knowing that Jake is an honorable man and will keep his commitments, Ric hired Hayden to pretend to be Jake’s wife in order to get him out of the picture, and Liz running back into his arms.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that although Ric may think he has the perfect plan, things will soon enough blow up in his face. Since there is another person involved in the scheme other than Ric and Hayden, this complicated the secret. The man who is posing for photos, pretending to be “Jake” may not be a sure thing for Ric to pull this off. General Hospital rumors have speculated that this man will end up blackmailing Ric, and flat out will not want to go through with the plan.

How will Elizabeth react when the truth comes out? If Ric thinks his plan is a sure thing… he’s got another thing coming.