General Hospital Spoilers: Will Nelle’s Plan Unravel?

nellecreepNelle Hayes is such a saint. She gave her kidney that saved Josslyn Jacks. She stuck around in Port Charles to help Carly with Avery. She is looking out for Sonny in his time of grief, all while staying completely loyal to her job at the Metro Court, and Carly Corinthos.

Except, some people just aren’t buying it. When it comes to her children, Carly tends to get caught up in anything that may shed light on their safety and well being. Ever since Nelle came to town, Carly has been eternally grateful to her for saving Josslyn’s life with her kidney donation. Now that Carly is mourning the loss of her son Morgan, she finds comfort in Nelle’s persistence and dedication. Carly thinks Nelle has a heart of gold and can do no wrong. On the other hand, there is Carly’s mother, Bobbie Spencer. Bobbie has seen first hand what deceit and a hidden agenda looks like, and she found that out the hard way when her daughter, Caroline (Carly), arrived in Port Charles. Just as Nelle is doing, Carly worked her way into Bobbie’s life, got close to her husband, and then… seduced him! Now we haven’t gotten that far yet with Nelle, but if history repeats itself, and General Hospital rumors come true, Nelle is being set up to be Carly 2.0

General Hospital spoilers reveal that not only Bobbie is suspicious of Nelle, This week on General Hospital, Michael begins to question Nelle. Could this be the beginning of the end to Nelle’s true intentions?

What does she want and who is she really? General Hospital news and spoilers confirmed in October, that Ingo Rademacher will be returning to Port Charles as Jasper Jacks. GH rumors have been circling, claiming Jax knows much more about Nelle than he is making aware.

What does Nelle want? We want to know your thoughts! Leave your ideas in the comments.

General Hospital and the Wrath of Jerry Jacks

Fans agree that right now, General Hospital is at the top of it’s game. Like a good book, we just can’t put it down. I literally get irritated and cranky when it ends and I have to wait until the next day to catch more of it. I say this a lot but in all honesty, I haven’t been this into GH since Ric Lansing kidnapped a pregnant Carly, hid her in a panic room in a house he shared with Elizabeth, and chained Carly to the wall. That stuff was intense. Every single aspect of this show right now has that same intensity. From Jerry Jacks, to Jax coming back, Robin, Luke, and Anna, Sonny and Joe Jr., Liz and Ewen, Jason and Sam (and McBain), Olivia and her hallucinations… Ok, you get my drift. I am loving it all.

Lately I have been really thinking about how much Olivia’s story ties into the entire Jerry Jacks story line, and it’s so brilliant how they are playing this out. Her hallucinations always have some reality to them. Seeing Lulu pregnant, than her test was positive, seeing the water as if it were poison, and seeing Dr. Keenan as the devil… they all have truth and it is so exciting to see Olivia inadvertently tie everything together in such a strange and unexpected way. Lisa LoCicero is doing such a fabulous job with this story. She looks and acts the part so well it makes you feel her distress and anguish.

There is something about Jerry aka (Mr. Craig) that still gives me the creeps after all these years. His character has the right amount of evil to be extremely terrifying and at the same time he actually has some humanistic feelings left for his family, Jacks, Joss, and the woman he loved, Alexis. Sebastian Roche is a phenomenal actor, and is able to make us fear and hate him. Even though he does a fabulous job at making us hate him, I still don’t want to see his character die. He plays an awesome villain and brings so much excitement to the canvas. I look forward to Monday’s GH and the episodes to come. Enjoy!