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“Never Trust a Cassadine”








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The wise words of the lethal Victor Cassadine will forever reign true. Since the beginning of their existence on General Hospital, the entire family with the exception of Alexis and Nikolas have been pure evil. The apples don’t fall far from the trees in that family. The have been reeking havoc on the residents of Port Charles since August of 1981. From the Ice Princess to Helena’s infatuation with Luke, kidnapping Lucky and making it look like he died in a fire, to the current cryogenic drama we are seeing today, the Cassadines are limitless when it comes to evil and getting what they want. Victor has managed to con Robin into helping him “defrost” Stavros and Helena Cassadine with the incentive of saving her best friend Jason Morgan. Robin was under the impression that after Jason woke up, she would be able to take him to Sam and Danny. Victor has much different plans. He has sent Robin away and is planning on using Jason’s strength to brain wash him into being beneficial to him.

If Victor is successful into making Jason his own, it may be a while before Sam knows he is alive. Will Robin let Victor get away with this? Do you think Jason will be a different man with a new life or will he find his way back to his true love and family?








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Victor Cassadine Was the One Behind the Accident, Did He Have an Accomplice?

One General Hospital mystery finally solved! On yesterday’s (August 7th) episode of General Hospital, Victor Cassadine revealed to Dr. Robin Scorpio Drake that HE in deed was the person responsible for causing Patrick’s accident that ultimately killed baby Gabriel. His intention was to prove his authority to Robin and let her know that he has the power to hurt her family if she doesn’t follow his rules at the Crichton-Clark Clinic. He divulged almost all the information fans have been waiting to hear for months. He explained that it was he who set the accident in motion, and that he put Rafe up to driving Patrick, Sabrina and Emma off the road by telling Rafe there was a possibility his Mother Alison Barrington, was still alive. Robin asked him how he even knew “that poor boy” and he gave a sketchy response.

Soon after Robin and Victor’s conversation, the scene cut to Nina. It would make sense that Victor has an accomplice to explain how he got his hands on Rafe to talk him into doing something like that. It sure seems like Nina and Victor know one another since she was also at the Crichton-Clark Clinic when she was recovering from her supposed coma. Did Victor use Nina to get to Rafe? When Silas told Nina the news he had just heard from Molly, that Rafe told her someone put him up to it, Nina has a strange look on her face as if she were guilty.

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Who Caused the Accident is REVEALED!








Technically, we all know that Rafe was behind the wheel of the car that caused Patrick and Sabrina’s car to go off the road. As a result, Sabrina went into preterm labor and ultimately, Patrick and Sabrina lost their son because of it. Luckily Emma wasn’t hurt.

During Rafe and Molly’s intense get away cop chase, Rafe revealed to Molly that someone put him up to it. Unfortunately Rafe wasn’t able to finish telling Molly the entire story before he passed away.

On today’s episode of General Hospital, the culprit will be revealed! Make sure you watch GH on ABC at 2PM Eastern.

Who do you think was being the accident? Take a guess and comment below!

General Hospital’s Best Kept Secret

ABC’s General Hospital has had 51 years to keep it’s fans coming back for more. There has been so much drama and suspense throughout the years that lure us to tune in every single day. We feed off the “who done its” and the “cliffhanger Fridays.” We even get frustrated with storylines at times because the mysteries are so intense and we are too impatient (with excitement) to wait and see how it all unfolds.

Throughout the years there have been many stories that have kept us on our toes, kept us guessing, and frustrated us to no end, just to try and figure out who was behind a murder, who is really someone’s baby’s father, who kidnapped someone’s child(ren), who is the masked man, etc.

In recent years, there have been mysteries from the text message killer, to what happened to and who was behind Robin Scorpio Drake’s disappearance, what really happened to Jason Morgan the night he was shot and fell in to water, Who caused Patrick and Sabrina’s accident, Jerry Jacks (aka James Craig) in the Metro Court hostage crisis, and many, many more.

Currently, General Hospital writers are doing an excellent job with the keeping Fake Luke’s identity a mystery. Every single GH message board, GH Facebook group, fan page, blog, twitter, tumblr, and any other form of fan participation in the media is constantly stirring about who Fluke really is. In this age of General Hospital, it is safe to say that Fluke’s true identity has been General Hospital’s best kept secret. Everyone has their educated guess based on characters of the past and storylines that involve villains who hate Sonny, want revenge on Luke, is a pervert, and wants to take over ELQ, It seems that no one is 100% sure on who exactly fits that bill. Suggestions from Damien Smith, to Anthony Zacchara, and Jerry Jacks to Helena Cassadine are filling the fan sites. Everyone has their reasons for theorizing the upcoming plot involving the real Luke Spencer, and his impostor Fluke.

Fans have been waiting months for this story to unfold. Since Tony Geary is out on medical leave after having back surgeries, he will not be back to tape until this coming Fall. Writers and Producers have stated that fans won’t be finding out who the secret mob kingpin really is until at least October. General Hospital Blog would like to know who you think could be behind the biggest mob ring in Port Charles. WHO IS FLUKE, and which storyline (past or present) do YOU think is GH’s best kept secret? Let us know your thoughts and theories by commenting below.

Executive Producer Frank Valentini Tells What’s in Store for Patrick Drake

We have been watching Jason Thompson play the role of Dr. Patrick Drake for 7 years now. Since 2007 we have been able to recognize and appreciate his abilities as an actor. It’s always great to hear what General Hospital co-workers and TPTB think of our favorite stars.

In a recent article from Michael Fairman, he explains that in an interview on the red carpet for the 41st annual Daytime Emmy Awards, Frank Valentini let him in on what Patrick Drake will be up to throughout this Summer. He gives kudos to Jason Thompson for his amazing portrayal of the talented, good looking, father of the year, Dr. Patrick Drake. Frank Valentini revealed, “A lot will happen with Patrick over the summer and into the Fall, and we also have Sabrina’s return.  Jason Thompson is a tremendous actor who is constantly refining and reworking his craft.  He’s always in class, and he is such a wonderful guy and amazing.”

Valentini also gave major props to other actors on General Hospital. He explain that when casting new actors, they do it very carefully in order to keep up with the incredible talent that already exists in Port Charles. He mentioned Maurice Benard (Sonny Corinthos), Laura Wright (Carly Corinthos Jacks), and Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis Davis). In response to a question asking about the casting of Maura West (Ava Jerome), Donna Mills (Madeline Reeves), and Michelle Stafford (Nina Clay), he stated, “We have a tremendous cast, and we choose everyone very carefully, because of the caliber of actors such as Maurice Benard (Sonny), Laura Wright (Carly,) and Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis) … you’ve got to bring in some pretty big guns to compete with them.  You will see Donna Mills (Madeline) again this summer.”

For the full article please visit www.michalefairmansoaps.com

Who Will Patrick Choose?

“I still love you Sabrina.”

After over coming so many obstacles, and taking that leap to move on from his late wife Robin, on his wedding day to Sabrina, Patrick had the shock of his life. His Wife Robin is back from the dead and little Emma spotted her Mother just seconds before Patrick was wed to another woman. With two woman madly in love with him, the choice is his. Who will Patrick choose?

It’s Wedding Day for Patrick and Sabrina

Today’s the day Sabrina has been waiting for since the moment she laid eyes in Dr. Patrick Drake. She’s so happy to become Mrs. Patrick Drake and little Emma’s step mommy that she is throwing caution to the wind and ignoring all the signs that point to disappointment and heart ache. As Patrick and Sabrina make their way to the altar, will Robin be able to stop the nuptials before it’s too late? Watch General Hospital today at 2PM Eastern!

Robin Reunites with Her Family!

The moments we all have been waiting for are finally here! Robin Scorpio Drake is reuniting with her family! Robin has been reunited with her Father, Robert, and today on General Hospital, she will have a heart warming reunion with her Mother, Anna. Soon, Patrick and Emma will also be well aware that their beloved Robin is alive and well.

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A New Man for Sabrina! Just in Time for Robin’s Return

This may be the answer to the fan’s questions regarding what will happen with Patrick’s love life when Robin returns. Here’s the scoop, Soap Opera Digest just revealed that General Hospital has hired a new actor to portray a man from Sabrina’s past that will drive a wedge between her and Patrick. Word out on the street is he is a trouble maker.

Assuming that this newcomer, Carlos, played by Jeffrey Vincent Parise, will want to be romantically involved with Sabrina, this could be the solution to the Robin, Patrick, Sabrina triangle. Fans have been waiting and waiting for the return of Robin Scorpio Drake, all the while some fans have grown to love Patrick with Sabrina. If Carlos (from Sabrina’s past) is out to win her heart, Patrick and Robin will have an open opportunity to pick up where they left off as husband and wife and parents to Emma.

Are We Getting Closer to the Return of Robin Scorpio Drake?

Luke is on the hunt for Jerry Jacks with the help of Laura and Holly. Dr. Obrecht may have pulled the wool over Holly’s eyes, but Laura knows that Jerry is very much alive. Luke needs a cure and they will stop at nothing to get their hands on it. Laura is onto Jerry. She knows he was hiding someone in that room and they are piecing together that Dr. Obrecht is in on it.

Luke and Laura have been called away from their quest to be there for what they think will be the birth of their grandchild. As Maxie went into labor today, Lulu called her Mother to let her know she would appreciate her support by being there. Luke and Laura made the decision to put Jerry on hold.

Holly is off on her own as of right now, looking for Dr. Obrecht and trying to save Robert Scorpio. Through her mission to save Robert, will she come across another one of Obretcht’s captives?

Anna is getting closer and closer to putting the pieces of the puzzle together. As she questions Britt, she cannot help but express that there is much more than weird coincidences going on here. Anna knows Dr. Obrecht, Cesar Faison, and even Britt have everything to do with what is happening to her family. Just wait until she finds out Faison is Britt’s Father!