GH’s Kimberly McCullough Lands Gig On BIG ABC Prime Time Show

General Hospital news just hit the media that General Hospital’s own Kimberly McCullough (Robin Scorpio Drake), is doing just what she set out to do. She left her role as Robin Scorpio Drake a few years ago, and has since returned a few times for cameo appearances. McCullough left to purse a directing career which she has had much success with since she left the show.

As ABC-Disney Program Director Kimberly, has been a part of Disney Channel’s Shake it Up directing team, along with the new Disney Channel show, KC Undercover.

Kimberly has just landed a new gig with the ABC-Disney network and this murder mystery is ready for McCullough’s creative mind. Kimberly will be directing an episode of the thrilling murder mystery, Pretty Little Liars which airs on ABC Family.


What You Need to Know About the Real Luke Spencer

The saga continues as the residents of Port Charles and the loved ones of Luke Spencer try to put all the pieces of the Fluke puzzle together. Recently, Julian decided to tell Alexis the truth. He told her that he framed Ric Lansing and named him the mob boss so that he could protect Alexis and their families. He also let her in on the biggest GH secret… that Luke wasn’t actually really Luke. Julian led Alexis to Miscavige, the institution where Luke was being drugged and held prisoner. However, there is a sneaky suspicion that the man Alexis found, “Luke” may still not be the real Luke Spencer. Anna and Dante arrested a Luke impostor, and as they were cuffing him, Anna pulled off the mask. General Hospital spoilers previously leaked that the true fake Luke would not be using a mask. It was said that there was much more than just another mask story, and now it’s all starting to make sense.

What if the man Alexis rescued isn’t the real Luke at all? Perhaps the man in the Quartermaine mansion is still Luke’s impostor, the and real Luke is locked up somewhere. Previously, General Hospital rumors poked around at Luke and Robin possibly being locked up in the same place, courtesy of Helena Cassadine. Faison may have created a Luke mask, and Anna may have just arrested a Luke impostor, but did she arrest THE Luke impostor?

General Hospital Cast Celebrates Tony Geary’s Return!

It’s been a long time coming! This news is such great news for General Hospital and Tony Geary fans. After a long recovery from multiple back surgeries, the  Tony Geary is back and ready to reprise his role as Lucas Lorenzo Spencer. Luke Spencer is an unforgettable legacy in daytime television as is his iconic character Luke. General Hospital fans have long awaited Luke’s return so that we can all finally know who the fake Luke Spencer is. General Hospital Spoilers indicate that Robin Scorpio Drake (Kimberly McCullough) will be involved in the rescue of Luke. November Sweeps 2014 is going to be a month GH fans will never forget! Are you ready for Luke Spencer?

General Hospital Blog would like to welcome Tony Geary back to GH with open arms and a warm heart. He has truly been missed and it is so very exciting to have him healthy, and back to our favorite soap.


Check it out! Actress Haley Pullos (Molly Lansing Davis) posted a photo on her personal Instagram account as she and her cast mates celebrate the return of Anthony Geary as the legendary, Luke Spencer.