General Hospital News: GH’s Kimberly McCullough Credits ‘General Hospital’ For What She’s Doing Now

One of the most iconic Daytime TV children is history is General Hospital’s very own, Kimberly McCullough. McCullough joined the legendary cast of GH in 1985 at the age of 7. Kimberly is the only child star on General Hospital that hasn’t fallen victim to the dreaded SORAS, aka Soap Opera Rapid Age Syndrome. Her character, Robin Scorpio, has remained true in age since she made her debut in Port Charles.

Currently, Robin Scorpio is still a relevant name among the residents of Port Charles, as her mom, Anna Devane (Finola Hughes), along with other family and friends still live in Port Charles and actively talk about Robin and Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson). Robin and Patrick have since moved on to California with their family to pursue their medical careers. However, Kimberly’s TV daughter, Emma Drake (Brooklyn Silzer), pops into Port Charles from time to time to visit her grandma.

General Hospital news reports have informed GH fans of Kimberly’s whereabouts regarding her career since departing GH. Kimberly has taken a different direction in Hollywood, focusing on Directing. McCullough has quite the credentials as a Director, with big TV show names such as, Pretty Little Liars, Shake It Up, Raven’s Home, The Conner’s, and more.

General Hospital news and spoilers report Kimberly McCullough state’s via Twitter how much she misses her General Hospital family. She goes on to credit the soap opera for giving her the relationships necessary to build a foundation for what her career has become today.

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