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Who is Levi Dunkleman’s Father?











Photo from: Zachary Garred’s Instagram @zjgarred

There has to be a deeper, more dramatic reason for Levi to be in Port Charles than Maxie and Felicia’s priceless Aztec jewels. Perhaps his extreme skills of manipulation and scheming is a lovely trait passed down from a previous generation.

In a recent interview with Michael Fairman, Zachary Garred touched on the possibility of being connected to Port Charles by his biological Father. Michael Fairman asked, “So, Mac Scorpio (John J. York) really despises Levi!  He has had him pegged from the beginning.  What if turns out that Mac is really Levi’s father?  Oh, the irony!” In response, actor Zachary Garred said, “Oh!  If I could wish to be the son of somebody it would be John J. York (Mac) who is wearing a white pink checkerboard sort of golf pants right in front of us! I love him.  Actually, that is the kind of guy I would like to have as my dad.” He later continued on to say that he is the son of someone in PC, but cannot say who.

Zachary warns that along with Levi’s new haircut also comes some new behavior.

For the full interview with Michael Fairman and Zachary Garred, click here!


Hidden Spoiler Behind Fluke’s Contact Number


Well, well, well, what do we have here? It’s been quite a while since we have seen Luke Spencer’s face on our TV screens. Although, we know the man behind our beloved Luke’s face isn’t actually Luke. This ongoing mystery is probably the biggest and most suspenseful piece of information to be withheld from the audience. General Hospital fans are just dying to know the true identify of the fake Luke Spencer, AKA, Fluke. On Thursday’s episode of GH, Julian Jerome had a video chat conversation with his boss. The recent “message” that was sent to Julian in the form of a bomb has Julian out for blood. Julian wants nothing more to be out of the mob business and to start a life with Alexis. Fluke told Julian that if he can give him the information he needs on Sonny, they will have a truce.

Did anyone notice how a lot of attention was placed on Fluke’s video chat contact number? That number read 13-107. Could this be a secret code to Fluke’s true identity? Apparently the word out on the street (in our case it’s GH fan sites and Facebook groups), is that 13-107 (that’s Fluke’s contact number), will lead you straight to …




Jerry Jacks!

Try typing General Hospital 1-31-07 into YouTube and you will see what shows up. You will discover a huge clue in the GH episode regarding Fluke’s identity.

Nothing has been confirmed as of yet, and we won’t actually find out who is behind the Fluke identity until at least October, when Tony Geary returns from his medical leave. We strongly believe that Fluke could be Jerry Jacks. Please refer to our previous article involving the potential connection between Jerry Jacks, Luke Spencer, and Levi Dunkleman. You can find that article by clicking HERE.


In the words of Julian Jerome to Fluke, “Peace out, bitch!”


General Hospital Shake Ups!

Wow, after that Anna/Dr. Obrecht shocker, whose to say what we are in for next! These recent story lines have been so intense and the actors have been doing such an amazing job conveying every single feeling and emotion into their stories. I don’t know about you, but I cried the entire time I saw Patrick, Emma, Elizabeth, and Robin on my screen. The whole time “Anna” was talking to Faison, I didn’t for one second think that it wasn’t really Anna. I loved the scene, and felt for Anna when she heard straight from the horses mouth that her daughter Robin was actually alive. Little did I know, it wasn’t Anna at all, but Dr. Obrecht in a mask. Faison has betrayed Obrecht and now she knows it. Faison was willing to tell Anna their entire plot and plan because he loves HER, not Dr. Obrecht. Disguised as Anna, Dr. O learned the harsh truth that Faison will always love Anna and will never return her feelings.

What will happen now that Dr. Obrecht knows Faison would have outed her and Jerry about Robin? I can only imagine she would be out for some intense revenge.

Now that Dr. Obrecht knows Faison will never love her and will always love Anna, will she reveal a secret? Who is Britt’s Father?

Will Robin make it home in time before her birthday is over?

Jerry Jacks

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So We Finally Found Out What is Wrong with Jerry Jacks

Today when Jerry was talking to Jax, he finally revealed what his coughing (illness) is really all about. He is dying from radiation sickness caused by that bullet from The Balkan. It was laced with Polonium 210. He has been kept alive but needed the money to continue treatment. Hence his real motive for his current destruction on Port Charles.

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