General Hospital Spoilers: A No Doubt That Valentin Has A Dark Side, But Is Valentin Cassadine A Bad Guy?!

Valentin Cassadine a bad guy Valentin Anna Sonny Pikeman

We want to know once and for all… Is Valentin Cassadine a bad guy? When you think of Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart), it’s not uncommon for the mind to directly focus first on the fact that he’s a Cassadine. Next, GH history has conditioned us to immediately assume that a Cassadine must equal villain status. Or, at least possess some untrustworthy and other shady characteristics. Rarely do we think of a Cassadine as a genuinely, overall good person.

In Port Charles, many characters have come in to town with evil written all over themselves. Whether someone is an overt or cover baddie doesn’t matter because sooner than later everyone knows exactly who they are. (Even if they get amnesia and don’t even remember themselves! Lmao) Then, after their biggest evil doings, some tragedy strikes and the villain begins to receive sympathy. Next, empathetic souls see the good in whoever, and you can guess what’s next. Lastly, the redemption process begins. Some will believe with all their hearts that the person has changed, nay sayers will claim the person is faking… and we never really know until the storyline unfolds! is one of the most polarized people in Port Charles.

According to GH rumors, Valentin is a true Cassadine through and through. His latest secret has Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) on alert, as well as Vanna fans in meltdown mode. So, is Valentin Cassadine a bad guy? Or can Anna trust their love?