Can Dante and Lulu Overcome Valerie’s Pregnancy?

Valpreg2General Hospital spoilers and rumors have been buzzing with news that as a result of Dante and Valerie’s betrayal on Lulu, Valerie will end up pregnant. It seems as though those rumors are about to turn true, as two weeks ago, Valerie hinted that she may be pregnant, touching her stomach. Now that Valerie overheard Lulu and Dante discussing future baby plans. it’s becoming more obvious that she herself is carrying Dante’s child.

Lulu and Dante have been through hell and back when it comes to conceiving a child. First with Maxie as their surrogate, then the whole Cassadine ordeal, her stolen embryos… and now this.

Will Lulu and Dante be able to move on with their marriage and continue on as a loving family even if Valerie will be the one to give Dante a second child?

GH rumors suspect that the end of Lante is near, and they there will be room made for a Dillon and Lulu romance.

What do you all think? Is Valerie indeed pregnant with Dante’s baby? If so, will Lulu find out and forgive Dante?