General Hospital Comings and Goings: Griffin Munro Exits, Andre Maddox Stint Over

Just a few short weeks ago General Hospital spoilers and GH comings and goings reported the return of Matt Cohen to reprise his role on GH as Dr. Griffin Munro. Griffin headed back to Port Charles as a favor to Carly. When her brother Lucas Jones was involved in a car crash and put on a ventilator, Carly sprung into action and called the best doctor she knows, Dr. Munro, to help save her brother. GH fans were hopeful that Griffin would be given a larger story line but unfortunately Cohen isn’t sticking around.

Another actor who will be leaving too soon is Dr. Andre Maddox, played by Anthony Montgomery. General Hospital spoilers reveal that when Dr. Maddox is done with the procedure to help Franco, he will then make his departure.

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