General Hospital Favorite On His Way Out

Lately is seems like characters come and go through Port Charles as quickly as the wind blows. Whether it’s a vet character that has come back from the dead or back from a long mysterious disappearance, or a fresh new face, we have been seeing a lot of comings in goings in the last 2 years. A few characters make small appearances here and there, and their story lines are left open ended, giving them the opportunity to return.

General Hospital rumors have been circulating around social media sites that long time General Hospital actor, Wally Kurth is leaving the show to return to NBC’s Days of Our Lives. Ned Ashton has come and gone throughout the years, and his current story line has been a promising one. Currently, he has reconnected with his best friend and romantic interest, Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn). He is involved in a complicated love triangle involving Alexis and Olivia Falconeri (Lisa LoCicero). Olivia has made it known that she wants to be more than friends with Ned, but he is in a relationship with Alexis, who is only with Ned because she can’t be with Julian Jerome (William DeVry).

If the General Hospital rumors become true, and Wally Kurth is leaving General Hospital, that will leave Olivia with no one once again. It would be nice to see him stick around, to play out the story and end up with Olivia. What do you think will happen with Ned and Olivia?