General Hospital News And Spoilers: Avery Pohl’s Family’s Recreates Esme’s Christmas Tree

Esme’s Christmas tree

Avery Pohl’s family recreates Esme’s Christmas Tree! Christmas time on ABC’s General Hospital is always a special event. Storylines tend to come together and the characters display their warm and fuzzy side.

Family togetherness is never overlooked around the holidays. In addition, even the naughty reveal their nice side. Kind gestures can overshadow wrongdoing, and those who despise each other can find common ground. As Taylor Swift says in her original song Christmas Tree Farm, “Sweet dreams of holly and ribbon, mistakes are forgiven…” mistakes may be forgiven or at least overlooked in Port Charles. Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma) is holding Esme Prince (Avery Pohl) as his prisoner at Wyndemere. He justified his actions when he believed Esme was the hook killer. However, we all know he was hiding her to avoid being questioned about the incident on the parapet. Esme’s pregnancy is another major reason Nik is keeping his baby mama captive. She claims the child is his therefore, he wants to make sure the baby is safe.

Regardless his reasons, keeping a pregnant woman captive will get anyone on the naughty list. Even if the young woman has destroyed the lives of those around her from the inside out.

Christmas brings Esme and Nikolas closer

General Hospital recaps recall Esme’s Christmas wish to Nikolas stemmed from her broken childhood. She tried convincing Nikolas to let her chop down a christmas tree so that she could relive that one special tome in her life when that became a reality. Although Nikolas wasn’t convinced to do exactly that, he did bring Esme a Christmas tree to decorate. Esme and Nikolas shared a warm moment as they decorated the tree he had given her.

General Hospital news and spoilers reveal that tree holds significance to Esme as well as her portrayer Avery. In a recent Instagram story, Avery Kristen Pohl shares a heartwarming gesture which carried over from her role on GH. Pohl reveals that her family recreated Esme’s Christmas tree this year. Avery stands proudly next to her real life tree in her IG story.

Avery has been an incredible addition to the General Hospital cast. She’s so good at being bad that we love to hate her! GH rumors hint there may be a bit of redemption ahead for Esme. Hopefully, her motherly instincts toward baby “Ace” bring out a new side to Esme. After all, she is being wrongfully accused of being a serial killer with a hook! When everyone finds out it’s not Esme, will they cut her some slack?

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